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09 May 2020
Depor’s physical coach, Manuel Pombo, analyzed the state of the team and the challenges in order to prepare the players with only one month of training sessions.

Manuel Pombo conceded a virtual press conference after the first training at Abegondo. The physical coach of Deportivo talked of the state of the players and how to face the preparation of the team ahead of the re-start. The following is a summary of the min things he said.

Is one month of trainings enough before returning to compete? “Initially, a month is too short. The normal thing would be to use a model of six weeks, but this is the reality and must adapt to it. The important thing is to build up a state of form and avoid injuries, because if there are injuries, then the player is stopped and it’s difficult to compete.”

Before the break, there were four injured players. How are they now? “If the break was good in something, within the bad thing of what a pandemic is, it’s that the players dragging muscle issues are now in perfect shape. The whole team is 100% ready.”

What will be the emphasis during these weeks? “The most important thing is to avoid injuries, and for that we must increase the stress into their bodies, and the most important thing there is the tactical content, because we aren’t searching for a big physical improvement, since we are only working to compete for four weeks, later they will have vacation. That’s why we must insist in an improvement of the model of playing beyond increasing the physical performance.”

How will the trainings evolve across the phases? “We know the phases, what we know if they will change aspects of the phases. In this phase, when the players work individually here at Abegondo, the goal is the improvement of the conditional aspects, the strength, the capacity to accelerate. We will also focus in the capacity to play in intermittent periods. In the next phase the players will have tactical work, the most important thing is the decisions assumed by the players and the tactical work.”

The current model of the training session: “The training that we have right now will try to improve the physical condition, also individual aspects in the game. Today we worked making passes, there are players that have spent two months without making a pass, and everyday we will focus the training in the improvement of tactical-combinative patterns.”

The coaches will have little time to prepare the rest of the season: “It isn’t easy to build up a model of playing with these conditions, the only thing is that all the teams are living the same. The important thing is the quantity of information that the players must assume, this according to what the coach wants to implement.”

The psychological aspect is also important. “The players feel it as a liberation the fact of coming back to Abegondo. The psychological aspect is important as they were missing to complete their profession.”

Are you worried about the number of injuries that may occur? “The issue of the injuries is very important in football, but right now is more important as we have less time in order to recover a player, this since we are playing all the games in one month.”

There’s the chance of having five modifications per game, is this positive? “Initially, it’s positive in order to distribute the charge of work, this since we are playing games more often. The important thing is that the players notice the fatigue in the second half, and the entry of a substitute allows to keep a high number of meters per second, it will bring the teams more intensity during the second halves.”

Do you notice fear in the players? “I can say that they are in optimum conditions. They have the hope of competing and leaving the team at Segunda División.”

Current state of the players: “They are better of what I expected, they have spent ten hours at their homes without doing a normal activity, they just did the trainings that have scheduled. I think they have behaved like big professionals.”

No positive cases of COVID-19 among the squad: “It tell us that they are great citizens as they have fulfilled all the norms in the self-isolation, that’s a positive aspect of this group.”



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