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10 May 2020
Depor are back in training, but following specific rules. The players were divided in three groups and all the injured men are recovered, with the exception of Somma.

Deportivo restarted the training sessions on Friday. The players had to follow very specific rules, starting with the fact that all of them had to arrive alone in a car wearing face masks, gloves and their training outfits. They were divided in three groups that worked at three different time frames.

The 28 outfield players (including the ones picked from the academy), were divided in two groups of 14 and worked at 09h00 CET and 11h00CET, then the goalkeepers worked at 16h00 CET. A limited number of members of the coaching staff were allowed to be on the pitch, but had to wear a face mask and gloves.

The players completed a series of physical exercises and were also allowed to touch the ball in order to attempt passes. On Saturday, the players had also to pass a temperature control. The team will follow the same routine until the health authorities allow to pass to a second phase, in this one the number of players per group can be increased.

Vicente Gómez explained to La Voz de Galicia how weird they felt during the first session, “It was a bit strange having to communicate loudly with the colleagues you saw nearby, but we all have internalized that we are going to be like this for a while, because we have to keep our distances. It’s strange, because in the team we are used to work all stuck together, with jokes, pushes... Football is a contact sport and being thus separated is a bit strange, but it’s what we have right now. But hey, even if it's like that, it's comforting because you see that everything is getting closer to normal. Although we cannot make life inside the changing room, it is to see a little light at the end of the path we are traveling.”

The main news is that all the players that were dragging injuries were working on the pitch, the exception is Michelle Somma. The Italian centre-back suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) on his right knee in the game with Girona FC (February 14) and remains in Italy.

It isn’t clear if he’s will be fit to play ahead of next month. According to the media, the clubs won’t release medical reports as part of the protocol in order to avoid speculation regarding players that could be infected with the novel coronavirus. Om Thursday, physical coach Pombo just said that all the players are fit to train.

The other novelty are the five academy players that are training with the first team: centre-backs Mujaid and Juan Rodríguez, plus right-back Valín, midfielder Iago Gandoy and goalkeeper Alberto. All of them will be working with the squad until the season is over.



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