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12 May 2020
Right-back David Simón expects that Deportivo will adapt to the new reality, which includes the chance to make five changes per game.

David Simón gave a virtual press conference before Monday’s training session. The right-back talked of the protocol for the trainings and what lies ahead for Deportivo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

First days of training: “The sensations are between the physical load and joy. You run across the grass, you look at the sky and you say, 'What a blast' ... we didn't know how happy we were. It’s being hard because we had been stopped for a while, but it’s a joy to be back, because we have very good facilities surrounded by nature. I'm very happy.”

The groin injury: “I have taken it on the positive side. I had been training for three weeks and I felt better. But I was coming from an atypical year, which included surgery and a very bothering injury. What I needed was a pre-season and now, with these three weeks starting from zero, it will be good for me. We all are going to have opportunities, and hopefully the coach will give me one if we work hard."

The protocol: “You never expected this to happen. The subject of the tests has been a bit annoying, but I liked the precautions that were taken here. We are without crowds, keeping the distance... the situation is a bit strange, because you have to take your clothes home, you cannot shower in the changing room... but it is what it is now. We will adapt.”

The goal for next month: "To achieve the club's goal, which is to achieve the permanence. I am optimistic. We cannot control everything, but what I am seeing in Abegondo, how we comply with the protocol and how aware we are... we want it to start. If the teams are responsible and fulfill a rigid protocol, then there will be few infections. We will do our best and hopefully nothing will happen."

The new reality in la liga: “There are going to be many games in a row and you have to be all prepared, all in and all plugged in, we need to be more united than ever, the fans also from home with messages and on social networks. Surely there will be opportunities for everyone, including those from the academy, because it will be a very demanding load, with many games in a row, five changes can be made, and it will be a lot of fun. Everyone starts from scratch and surely together we will achieve the goal.”



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