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14 May 2020
Manu Sánchez is very happy with the season of Depor Ladies. He also foresees the next campaign and talks of the first signings.

Since Wednesday, Depor Ladies are on vacation and coach Manu Sánchez had a virtual press conference in order to analyze the campaign and also talked of next year. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Valorization of the season: “It was a magical year, chained to last year. We have said several times that the season has been unforgettable and unrepeatable. Beyond that there are more or less changes for the next one, what we have done this year, and how we have done it, the spirit that was in everything we did, it makes it difficult for us to see something like this, but we are working with all the hope to repeat it.” 

Should Liga Iberdrola be considered as a professional league? "Currently all the conditions are in place for the Liga Iberdrola to be considered as professional. It meets all the requirements to be declared a professional league, the players have their own agreement, professional contracts, a professional structure and organization, the media behind and the push that the fan is giving. I think it’s time.”

What to expect on next season? “The next step has to be to consolidate this project. We did a spectacular season and now we have to give solidity to that work, so that it doesn’t fall apart. The first thing will be to achieve permanence, to consolidate the base that we have established, also looking up because we are ambitious, but always with our feet on the ground.”

A lot of clubs are searching for Depor’s players now: "It got a lot of attention from everyone. It’s normal that everyone is interested. Deportivo have demonstrated that’s an attractive team to the players. We are lucky to have renewed the whole attacking line, that gives me peace of mind.”

Misa, María Méndez and Nuria Rábano are leaving: “The club offered renewals to all the players, but there are decisions that they have to make and we understand as normal in the professional world and our mission is to work to have the best here. They look for their interest and are different cases. If the exits are made, we can only wish all the players the best of luck.”

The future of Tere Abelleira: “Tere can still grow as a person and a player here at Deportivo. The renewal is there, and we have to continue working and it’s something that must be resolved by her. Time is running and the market is moving and we must plan well."

The first two signings are Noelia Bermúdez and Helena Torres: “Noelia is a goalkeeper that we looked a long time ago and we know her well. We had many reports and we are very happy with their incorporation. She is strong, tall and good in the aerial game. Along with Sullastres, I think we have a well-covered goal. We are working on making a competitive squad. We have renewed the entire attacking line and that’s important, because we were the second most successful team in the league and it gives us peace of mind. Now we have to complete the rest of the lines. Helena is a player that we really like, because she has a different profile than what we currently have. Great back game, strong shot, tall. She can give us many solutions to other approaches in other types of matches and I hope she will give us many things."



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