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21 May 2020
Miriam Sánchez said good-bye after not renewing for Depor Ladies. The former captain said that she will try to return after ending her career as a player.

Captain Miriam Rios is not renewing for Depor Ladies and said good-bye in a virtual press conference. She talked of his four years at the club and his wish to return in the future. The following is a summary of the things she said.

What was the best from your four years at the team? “The best was the first day I was able to wear Depor’s shirt and its badge. It was to make dream come true and I also want to emphasize the union we had throughout these four years.”

Did you understand the decision to not renew you? “I understood it. The club must try to improve in a sporting sense. If they believed that I cannot help them, then they made the decision they had to make. I want to continue playing football, and when I retire, I will try to return. This is football and things are like this.”

Have you decided your future? “Nothing is decide yet. I had the news on last week and now I am studying several things. There’s enough time.”

What do you think of the protest because the female league was cancelled? “We have been fighting for many years, this in order to be visible. The fact of cancelling the season, the first thing is health, and if there isn’t security, then the best was to suspend it. We wanted to end it, off course.”

Is possible to have a new united team? Who will be the leader at the group? “I believe there’s a nice block. I believe they will be united. The pre-season is for that. The players that have renewed will explain to the others what Deportivo is. One of the persons that will be commanding is Iris and other is Cristina [Cris]. Both are competitors and will be able to take the lead.”

How did you receive the news that you weren’t going to renew? “There was a meeting with Manu Sánchez and an official and they told that they weren’t going to renew me. I already had the idea that it was possible. How did I assume it? I was hurt for leaving the team, but well… my conscience is in peace and happy for receiving all the love from the fans. This is football and you have to assume it.”

What’s the main thing that you are going to remember? “A lot. We lived a lot of things within these four years. The defeat at Oviedo was a big hit, also the first day I wear the shirt of Deportivo. That day will be there forever.”

What’s the future of Depor Ladies? “Deportivo is a team that knows ho to face adversities. We saw that since the first day, the players that will arrive and the ones that renewed will do a great job. Off course, you notice players like Tere Abelleira, but you must know ho to replace them. We always knew ho to face adversities, why it cannot be the same on next year?”



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