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05 Jun 2020
This week some clubs have said that they will request the LFP to allow public in the restart of la liga, the government has said that no and Deportivo support this position.

There has been a debate in Spain on this week about the possibility of allowing public at the stands for next week restart of la liga. During the weekend, UD Las Palmas stated that they were already talking to LFP in order to allow it, this since the Canary Islands will be in phase 3 of the reopening by next weekend, and this phase allows crowds in public spectacles.

Real Oviedo also followed this position and stated that they will ask the authorities to allow public for their first games against SD Ponferradina and Deportivo. This opened a debate as not all the communities in Spain will be in phase 3, and therefore not all the clubs will be allowed to have public at their stadiums.

Therefore, these clubs will be in disadvantage and there are calls that it will be an unfair situation. Among the ones with this view is the Superior Council for Sports (CSD). Their president, Irene Lozano, stated on Tuesday that they won’t allow public at the stadiums, at least for the restart of la liga as they and the LFP had an agreement for it.

The CSD considers that it will be too soon and a risk for the health of the fans, and also an unfair situation as some of the club won’t have the support of their public. Deportivo could be one of the clubs benefited by the opening as Galicia will also be in phase 3 by the time of the reopening, but the Galician club doesn’t want to allow public at the Riazor, at least not yet.

On Thursday, president Fernando Vidal released a statement explaining the position of the club, "Starting from the premise that Deportivo is one of the big losers for playing games behind closed doors, we cannot lose perspective, neither the memory of what has happened all these months in which we have suffered the scourge of a deadly pandemic that has turned the foundations of our society upside down. We are talking exclusively about a health issue, public health, and health is above all. So, we aren’t going to request anything, from any institution. We will always be at the expense of the measures and orders indicated by the highest health authorities and of what, from those measures, derives towards football and football events. We are on the way to momentarily overcome this pandemic, I believe that now, more than ever, the criteria of health experts and scientists must prevail over our wishes and desire to see a full Riazor and in which we can embrace with our joys.”



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