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14 Jun 2020
Depor’s coach was complaining of having a strong start of four games played in a frame of ten days. Sporting’s coach believes that an empty Riazor will be favourable for his side.

Fernando Vázquez addressed he media on Friday. He isn’t happy for been playing four games in a frame of ten days as the opener in la liga. He also explained the status of the players before the game against Sporting. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Will we see a different Depor? “We are prepared for everything. We still training with a line of five defenders, but we are prepared to play with four and perform with a different midfield. We will have enough time to see it, because we are playing four games in ten days, and therefore rotations will be part of our plan. Neither I have a lot of time to prepare a bigger change.”

Aketxe is injured, is this affecting the plans? “We made a great work in the winter window and we signed players that can force us to play in a different way, I mean that I have the right replacements. Before the pandemic I was playing with Çolak and Aketxe, now Aketxe is out and I will define in the best possible way, but the clear thing is that I have enough choices to replace Aketxe. Aketxe is almost recovered and he could be in, but won’t force him.”

Number of victories for the permanence: “We have to… this is a new competition and we have to think were we are and also where we want to be. This is a new beginning and we have chances for everything. I will not comment numbers, only that we have to try to win eleven games, therefore we will play eleven finals in a matter of a month and it will tell us where we will end. I can only say is that I am convinced that we will be saved.”

The five changes per game: “At the start, am in favour of this, this is an unstoppable evolution. Before there weren’t changes, then two and the chance of the goalkeeper, now three and this will change in the future. In a World Cup the coach has the whole squad available, and why we cannot do it in the league? To change in the middle of the competition might be strange, but there are special circumstances. We are playing four games in ten days. Fortunately, Deportivo have a large squad, but I understand that this is affecting the competition as some clubs will be affected, but these are special circumstances.”

Is Depor ready to play? “It’s difficult to valorize it as there are psychological aspects that cannot be measured. In a normal pre-season, there are friendly games and you can measure how your team is compered to others. We will see how we are during this weekend.”

Casualties for the game: “We arrive prepared, only Valín, Aketxe and Hugo [Vallejo] have minor issues, so I hope we will be fine.” 

Playing four games in ten days: “We enter unknown territory and this is a challenge for everyone. I cannot know what will happen. We will play four games in ten days and this is an alteration of the competition. I have the same interests than Real Oviedo and they have two more days for the rest. I can restart playing and little by little increase the number of games, but by starting all at the same time, playing every three days, we are the team having the lowest number of days for the rest at Segunda, and for me this is serious. We will have problems. Luckily, I have a large squad, but it’s not the same to have three days for the rest while Oviedo has five. I also wanted five, but la liga should have given everybody a full week for the rest after the first game. But I have to accept it.”

Beauvue and Sabin Merino playing as starters: “Off course they can be starters, I will like it.”

Mujaid: “He is ready to play, in the other hand his handicap is the lack of training within the last days, but he is perfect.”

Keko Gontán: “There are players that were lacking preparation. Sometimes there are good players that need to pay a price according to a system. He is suffering for the playing style, but he is at the top.”

Ba: “He has trained at the top and it was impressive. He is almost entirely integrated into the group.”

Playing behind closed doors: “The public helps the team to remain focused, but we will be playing at Oviedo in the same circumstances. How we are going to keep the players focused? The key is there. We need to find the key so we can replace the factor of the public, for me this is the big difference in the restart. What will you feel to be trailing at home without public? It should be hard.”

Sporting Gijón: “I expect for the same Sporting seen before the lockdown, but we will be prepared for everything.”

Do you see Depor as one of the stronger teams in this last stretch? “I always think of that, to be invincible, but to say we are the stronger… I consider that yes, we have improved, but the dynamics that were before are now broken. We were in a complicate situation and suddenly you don’t know anymore. The teams in a positive dynamic can be bad now. Nobody knows how things are going to start, it’s a league of eleven games and if you have a bad start, then the price to pay is high.”

Miroslav Djukic addressed the media on Friday. He believes that the fact of been playing in an empty Riazor will be an important factor in the game. He also confirmed that only two players are out of the meeting. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The restart: "The team is ready to start the competition. We are fine, we have no excuse, we are going to compete. The team has worked well, I am very happy with the group."

The fight for the first places: "Everything is open, we are in a position with everything open and that is why we are going to go game by game. We don’t give up anything and the competition itself will tell us what we are capable of. We will go first to A Coruña to see where we are and what we can do "

Having five changes per game: "I see well having a wide squad and being able to call up almost all the players, this benefits you because all the players are interested because they can participate. The issue of the five changes is very good, it gives you a wider range to change, rotating the team and especially with this number of games we have, I see it as essential."

Physical situation of the squad: "Everyone except Aitor [García] and Bogdan are ready and with options to play. Aitor is ruled out for A Coruña, the forecast with Bogdan is more complicated and we will have to wait, the rest should be available."

Playing behind closed doors: "The option of the return of the public would be excellent news, it is necessary to gradually recover normality, and normality is football with the public. "We are seeing that this fact of not having public equals the matches, so the home teams don’t have these advantages that they had before. Riazor is a field that’s very tight with its public and they don’t have this support now, it’s is important. We will be in the same conditions without public. For me it’s always special to play at the Riazor, in a city where I have spent wonderful years and for me it’s always nice to return to La Coruña. It is a city that I love very much.”

Situation at the standings: "Making predictions is very difficult and that’s why you have to go game by game. I don’t know how many points are going to be enough to stay or go up. That’s why you have to be guided by each game and the feelings of the team."

Deportivo: "Deportivo is a very good team, but we are also a good team. We want to show our fans what we do this year. We are going to see if we are capable of creating hope in our fans. Depor is a block with a lot of quality, a team that works well in the defensive aspect, withdrawn behind midfield, they don’t press you very much up front, defends very well and comes out fast in the counterattack. It has a lot of quality and very good positional game, it comes well on the wings, with many lateral crosses. It’s a very well worked team and very well made"

The dream of promotion: "In Segunda Division all the clubs have difficulties to sustain themselves. It is very important for the clubs to go up to Primera, where they will have higher income and it’s easier to manage the club. Our intention is to try, by all means, to get there. It will not be easy, a long road awaits us, but we don’t rule out anything."  




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