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23 Jun 2020
Depor’s coach is still complaining because his players aren’t having the proper rest due to the tight calendar.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Monday. He was still complaining of the tight calendar and also clarified that Peru Nolaskoain will only miss two games. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Playing too often: «If there’s something that unbalances a competition, it’s the difference in the rest of the footballers. I don't understand why we are playing every three days and the rest don’t. Against Rayo even with less than 72 hours for the rest. And that not only influences physically speaking, it also influences mentally. Football is a sport of attention, intelligence... And these factors influence.”

State of the players: “The footballers are fine. The team doesn’t fall at the end of the matches. Over there we have no problem. But the important thing isn’t now. We continue playing with little rest and little by little it is noticed. One month to go. The team is responding well, but the unknown thing is what will happen later.”

Injury of Peru Nolaskoain: Any injury now... you will miss three games. It is less serious than it seemed, and we have hope. We hope that he can play in Tenerife. that at the earliest. It means he will miss two games. It is less important of what it seemed and we are relieved. "

Rotations: “The important thing is the team, more than ever. All of them are necessary to achieve the objective. Those who go out to the pitch are perfectly responding to the new situation.”

Is Christian Santos earning a spot as a starter?  "Yes and no. I know the players, but I use them when I consider it appropriate. Christian was fine, but I have to manage my squad wisely.”

Switching tactics: “I am very self-critical from the bench. In Oviedo we started playing with a line of five and I changed it into a 4-2-3-1. And against Rayo I did the opposite. It’s negative to be behind on the scoresheet, but it’s also positive because it allows the team to risk more.”

Out of relegation: “It’s a fictitious joy to be out of demotion, but it’s nothing special. We are still there with a group of teams.”

Elche CF: “They are a team with very fast players, both in midfield and in attack, they are very well trained by Pacheta and they play good football. It will be a great defensive test for us. The team is fine."

José Rojo Martín ‘Pacheta’ addressed the media on Monday. He is satisfied for the performance of the team as they reach the final stage fighting for the promotion. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Reflection on the last victory over Girona: " We didn’t do a much better match than the one in Ponferrada. We were more forceful, solid and we are improving. Victories are always balsamic. Every day that passes we are more dangerous."

The team is in the playoff zone: “There are eight games left and we are fifth. They took us out of the play-off zone for a while. I am clear that we are the first to play in this matchday, but I don’t know in which matchday I am on. I just don’t’ want to be lost with numbers.”

Content with the performance of the team: “I am excited, the team is connected. We are in a position to enjoy and not to have more excess responsibility, because it can block you. The lads are winning the goal average to three powerful teams such as Rayo, Girona or Almería. We are going to be optimistic, we are going to the fight and there should be no dramas. With 50 points the league looks differently. We have recovered from everything, from player transfers, from doubting at the start, from a pandemic and we are presenting a candidacy.”

The promotion chances: “We will fight for a dream, if the promotion isn’t achieved then it still is a wonderful season. This team has shown power to recover and we will continue in the fight. There are many good teams out there, but I am going to stay with my team, because if not, they run over me."

Deportivo: “Our obsession is to draw out our strengths more often. It’s a rival with good players, when they catch the ball it’s difficult to take it away from them. We have to be tight, but I still trust that we are going to show great things.”

Rotations: “We have the possibility to make a competitive starting eleven. It’s the advantage of been able to use the whole squad.” 




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