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06 Feb 2008
Depor seems to be finding the right system in order to face the competition in la liga, it's the system of five defenders based in three men in the centre and two at the sides. So far, Depor has added six points in two games thanks to this system. Jos?© Luis Ribera, Lotina's assistant, has talked with paper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?±a</i> and has analysed the four keys in this new strategy.

So far, Deportivo has obtained good results with the 5-2-2-1 system imposed by Lotina, the squad has won two straight games in Primera Divisi??n, an unseen fact on this season. Besides, the team has left behind the relegation zone for the first time since December. Now the sensations are positive and despite been emphasising the importance of the players' mentality, Lotina is betting in continuing with the system.

And his assistant, Jos?© Luis Ribera, thinks the same. He has analysed with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a the four key aspects in order to succeed with this system. Ribera was part of the Superdepor era and precisely, he played in a similar system during the stages with Boronat and Arsenio Iglesias.

Like Lotina has been appointing since the past week, Ribera thinks the change in Depor's results is more related to the players' attitude than to the appearance of the new system "Although the system might have a part in this change, the major part is related to the intensity of the players, the attitude, the aggressiveness, maybe we are one point up in this kind of aspects." However, Ribera is convinced that this change was necessary "As Depor was at home, we were needing something else, and we thought the new system might be good. Mentally, a little change forces you to have a bigger concentration, awareness and co-ordination."

Ribera emphasised the four aspects that he considers as the key in order to succeed with a system based in five defenders:

1- To have the ball possession: If you are capable to move the ball and pass it to the attacking zone, the rival will have more problems when its players try to put pressure on you, because the positions aren't looking like an square as you see it in a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1. There are more diagonals and triangles.

2- The work at the sides: There are no fixed players on both sides of the pitch, the wings are just free territory and this is an advantage if you know how to use it, with the side defenders or with the playmakers that are in the middle breaking their position to the sides.

3- Pressure: If you aren't able to put pressure to the rival, then normally, the rival will force you to have a bigger withdrawal. When they change the ball form side to side, you are more forced to run a little more.

4- Communication: Since you don't have fixed positions, this system needs more communication between the players, a lot of co-ordination and ability to cover the back of the partner.

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