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05 Sep 2020
Facelift at Deportivo after the relegation. The half of the team was ending contract, and another big part won’t continue at Segunda B.

Only 8 of the 24 players that ended the season at Depor are currently training with the first team, and more could leave by the door out in the coming weeks. Nine men left Deportivo with the end of season as their contracts or loan spells expired: Aleksandar Jovanović, Javi Montero, Luis Ruiz, Peru Nolaskoain, Emre Çolak, Victor Mollejo, Hugo Vallejo, Christian Santos & Mamadou Koné. The latter left after the pause for the pandemic.

There were other eight men that left the club after the relegation, and either they were under contract or left Deportivo despite the club attempted their continuity.

The 37-year-old goalkeeper wanted to continue despite the relegation and despite his contract was ending, he negotiated with the club a new deal, but he wanted a two-year contract, while the club was only offering one plus an additional season in case of playing a certain number of games, and the veteran player didn’t  accept it. He was the starting keeper in 82 of the 84 Segunda games played during the last two seasons.

The centre-back was loaned out during the winter window and had one more year of contract, but the club transferred him to VfL Bochum in 2. Bundesliga. Deportivo will get money in form of incentives.

The right-back defender ended his contract, but Deportivo wanted his continuity. He received an offer, but was turned off. On this week it was known that the Canarian has signed for Cartagena CF at Segunda División. The Canarian right-back was among the best players after the COVID-19 break and made 31 appearances on this season.

One of the best players on the Segunda campaign that just ended, he signed a one-year contract with the option of a renewal. The club wanted to execute the renewal, but everything ended with the relegation. Currently the Basque playmaker is a free agent. He was the top-scorer with 7 goals scored in 39 appearances.

The striker arrived during the winter window in a transfer from CD Leganés that had options, one of the options in the deal was to extend his contract in case Depor could secure the permanence, but it didn’t happen and CD Leganés executed another option in order to keep the player. He had an explosive start scoring goals in four straight games, but later he only netted one more goal for a total of 5 in 18 appearances.

The striker ended his contract and Deportivo offered a renewal, but in the end he decided to reject it. He didn’t count too much for the three coaches that passed through the bench, but in the last part of the season, Fernando Vázquez used him more like a midfielder. He scored 2 goals in 24 presentations. Valle was one of the team’s captains after landing in 2016 and played 79 games in 4 seasons with Depor.

Same case than Valle, his contract ended and Deportivo presented an offer for a renewal, but the French striker rejected it. Currently he is analyzing what to do with his career. Beauvue arrived during the winter window and didn’t have an impact at the team, mostly because of the injuries, but he managed to score both goals in the final win over Fuenlabrada CF.

The Japanese midfielder was the last man to leave the boat. Gaku Shibasaki landed  at Depor on last summer and signed for four seasons, he would have continued, but the coach of Japan warned him that he couldn’t continue as the team’s captain playing in the third tier of Spain and that’s why he decided to leave. He was transferred to CD Leganés. Gaku made 25 appearances on last season.

And the list of exits could be increased in the coming days, because the club still has to convince Uche Agbo of staying, while players under contract like Vicente Gómez could leave. Also the cases of the men that were on loan: Fede Cartabia and Gerard Valentín. Both have offers from Segunda and their continuity is uncertain.



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