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06 Sep 2020
Depor’s coach talked of the composition of the first team for the new season, and also analyzed what happened with the decision of sending his team to Segunda B.

Fernando Vázquez gave his first press conference of the pre-season. The Galician coach analyzed the behavior of the institutions when Deportivo was demoted to Segunda B, and he also talked of the composition of the first team and the chances of the Fabril’s players. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Deportivo demoted to Segunda B: “I haven’t lost hope yet. Everyone says it happened, but I don’t accept that we’re in Segunda B. I have my hope. I can’t accept that I’m in Segunda B without being judged. It needs to be judged if there has been a violation of the competition. Let a judge say that. Deportivo has to enter ordinary justice. I don’t see sporting justice. Let them pronounce. Whether there was equality or not. The investigating judge said it so clearly. What are they waiting for to answer? This has nothing to do with the League’s judge. We can't wait any longer. Deportivo is at Segunda B without being judged. Maybe I’m a naive. I hope that justice will be done to us, that our case will be judged."

Criticism on the resolution of the CSD: “There was a tie between the Federation, which correctly considers that something was done wrong and asked for a league of 24; and La Liga, who said no. Someone broke that situation. In the meeting in which it was decided to play our game and not the rest, it’s unexplained and that is the key. The Federation says it was the League. The League says it was the Federation. The CSD is silent. Everyone has some regrets about who made the decision. They adopted the situation of the lesser evil. Even the socialist Minister of Culture said it. If there is a lesser evil, they are acknowledging that there was a victim and that there was something that was done wrong, because there was a third solution which was to postpone the matches affected by the competition."

"The behavior of the CSD was decisive, regrettable and grotesque. I am grateful to other institutions. The City Council of A Coruña behaved in an extraordinary way. The Xunta was in place. I don't know where the Prosecutor's Office is with these Fuenlabrada issues. The clubs, which are institutions that make up La Liga, you could expect solidarity, understanding, reasoning... Many of them were understanding but there are manifest cases that were pronounced saying 'Deportivo, there you stay'.

Did you have doubts about staying at Depor? "I would have been delighted to celebrate the permanence with the fans. And that’s something that was stolen from me. It affected me directly. It was a punch. But it made me think and I want to admit that, here, I had moments of doubt. I would have accepted the relegation in the field. And I had and I have a contract in those circumstances. But when they hit you like that, sometimes you can doubt. I doubted and made the decision to continue, despite everything. And I want to continue being the coach of Depor."

The picture at Segunda B: “We will have to think that we are going to play in a league in which everyone can think we would be Real Madrid or Barcelona. We have resources to be reborn, but we must speak of humility. It often happens that when you don't know a league, you tend to underestimate it. Let's look at the Cup matches, in which there are teams from Segunda B that eliminate others from Primera. Or they put them in trouble. No matter how much Depor we are, we have to have the humility that there are good players, good coaches and good clubs in this league. It will be very difficult. It’s a great responsibility. We have to build a team. To many a draw in Segunda B will look like a defeat, but you have to be humble to know that there are games we are going to lose and draw, because they are part of the competition. Let's not underestimate the rivals. We must have enough humility to self-analyze. That way we will be in a position to go up to Segunda.”

How to prepare for this league: "Now I will watch Segunda B matches, I have not followed it for many years. I have to catch up. I will look at this group and others. The competition is so tough that we are going to face everyone. It's scary because of the system, it's very tough, never seen before. I don't know how we're going to play, because I don't have the whole squad. When it's built, it'll be time to talk.”

Players staying: "I hope that everyone gives the ok. Fede [Cartabia] and Rolan are not a problem, because I already know that they will not be mine, but I have others who could stay or leave. It can bother you a little and theoretically it’s harmful, but we know the lads and they showed exquisite professional behavior against Fuenlabrada. If Uche and Keko continued, then we would already have a competitive team, we are missing forwards.”

Abad and Borja Granero are the first signings: "Players of an important level are coming. I am delighted. My opinion is very favorable, I already said during the winter window that Richard Barral's work had seemed exceptional. Since Monday, and with the arrival of the keeper and the centre-back, I would be able to plan more tactical trainings.”

Mujaid: “He has a contract with Depor, he is a lad that needs to grow up, but the club has a kind of conditioning and Mujaid could go out. He has a two-year contract and has a termination clause. If Mujaid decides to renew his contract, then maybe it could be interesting for Depor to loan him out and play at Primera Division. He would continue to be revalued and Deportivo would not lose anything, although obviously we would lose a great footballer."

Uche Agbo: "We have a significant percentage of Uche agreeing to stay at Depor, which would give us significant potential in the league. With everyone who is now on here, Uche isn’t training, he may be missing a week or ten days, but he is training apart and is doing it hard, with a lot of courage. I’ve talked to him and he may give the okay, but it doesn’t just depend on him. You have to talk to your team, but we hope that yes, it will be an important value for us.”

Is Alberto going to stay with the first team? "It’s not 100% sure, but there are chances that the starting goalie is going to be Carlos Abad and Alberto will be the second goalkeeper. But there may be a second signing of a goalkeeper."

The role of Iago Gandoy at the team: “Well, if you ask me if he will be participating, I tell you that he will participating. I count on Gandoy for the pre-season, I don’t know how his contract is [He is negotiating a renewal], but yes. Last year he was already with me and he can be a footballer who is his right time, maybe he can explode in this campaign."

Adrián Castro and the chance of staying at the first team: “As you well know, we have 22 spots… 6 have to be U-23 players. Let’s see if we have U-23 players that stand out at the team and are fixed starters. From there, I like Adrián Castro. There are things I like. I don’t like talking so fast about footballers. There are things I like and others I don’t like so much, but I could tell everyone. His most important quality is tactical intelligence at the moment of moving to look for goal situations.”

Who will be the second coach? "The second coach is named David Sánchez and we are waiting for his situation with the club to be fixed. I will have a coaching staff already integrated into the club. He was my analyst, he would continue to be the analyst and he would help me on the field too.”



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