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08 Sep 2020
Celso Borges is in Madrid completing the paperwork before retuning to A Coruña. The midfielder talked to La Voz de Galicia about the reasons for his comeback to Deportivo.

Q: In the end, you will need that extra margin until the competition starts, this in order to be ready.
A: I don `t think so. I feel very good. Here I have trained every day with a trainer who gives me guidelines to not lose strength and improve my physical condition. A Brazilian friend that I am working with online.

Q: Has it been too long?
A: Imagine. Since Fernando Vidal and Richard entered, we have already been in contact and I received the first proposal. It was about to be done in January, but it got complicated at the last minute. After resolving my situation in Turkey, then there was a new approach and it could already be done.

Q: In between, the team has lost a tier, how difficult did that make the return?
A: The reality is that I never lost contact. I have a special affection for the team and the city and the desire to regain the feelings I had has nothing to do with the league in which we play. Honestly, this sporting challenge seems very nice to me.

Q: Still, it will be unfamiliar to you. You left from Primera, returns in Segunda B.
A: It’s true that I don’t know the league, but it is nothing new. In pre-season we played against many Segunda B teams, I saw some with good infrastructure and quality. I don't know what to expect yet, but I am prepared for everything.

Q: Also for that role of leader that will inevitably be required of you?
A: Let's see, here the responsibility must be shared. I cannot shy away from my background and I accept that with great pleasure, but Deportivo don’t lack players with great careers.

Q: And is that good or bad when it comes to fighting?
A: The psychological factor is going to be more special than ever. We are in Segunda B, nobody forget that. You need to go with the badge ready because it is the reality. History has our back, but no single jersey ever won a match. We cannot go thinking that we are more than anyone else and everyone has to be prepared. And I mean everyone. We are going to suffer.

Q: That's what Depor is good for. How have you experienced what happened here?
A: I lack tools, but from here it looks like a total injustice. What happened seems outrageous to me. What I know for sure is that there was something unfair: I have been in that situation a million times, and the games have to be played at the same time, that conditions everything. If in so many countries there are unified schedules, it is for something.

Q: This institutional mistreatment has provoked a unanimous reaction among Deportivismo. The team will play in a league that had not stepped on for forty years, but I don't know if you also perceives a unit with hardly any precedent.
A: It is that in the worst situation sometimes the best of people comes out. All branches of Deportivismo have fallen short. Now, when you hit rock bottom, is when you see if a team is great.

Q: You return to a club that many have left, and this fact is earning you the respect of the fans. Has the message reached you?
A: I can lie with that. It strikes a chord with me. It fills me, my partner, my parents. There are priceless things, and that affection... I want to start now.

Q: What do you sacrifice with the return?
A: Nothing. The sacrifice is made by people who fight. Doctors, teachers... People like that. In the end, I am a footballer; Let them look for heroes elsewhere. I go there with all the pleasure in the world and with great enthusiasm, to do something that I am passionate about. I was not born in A Coruña, but it is inevitable to have affection for a city and a club that made me very happy. What merit can it have to return like this?




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