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02 Oct 2020
Defender Eneko Bóveda explained why he chose to renew for Deportivo, and also explained what he expects from the new season.

Eneko Bóveda is one of the few players that have leaved the painful transition from Primera to Segunda B, he has now signed a two-year renewal and addressed the media on Friday to explain his decision, “You don’t have to believe you are too important. You, at the moment of accepting an offer, it’s because it’s the best for you. There may be sporting, economic, affection, and comfort reasons... in the end we are professional players and people. With all the pack there, I think I am in a good place.”

“I dream that this year will become the most beautiful year since I arrived. Unfortunately, I have had to live bad years for Depor. The biggest thorn I have is that, and I would like, before leaving this club, to experience the other side of football. With that faith I face this year. " He added.

The Basque player was talking of the goal of promotion, “It’s a season that can be precious, or it can be very hard. I think all the lights are going to be on us. We are the club, surely, by history, packaging and what even moves economically, well above what this league is. But then, you go a bit to the numbers, see how many are in the fight and how many will go cup... and you realize that it’s difficult. And in our case there’s only one goal is the promotion. Anything different to a promotion would taste like nothing to us."

The right-back was also talking of the competence with Jorge Valín for the position, “I see him very well. He’s a player with many possibilities. Young and, above all, a great companion. For me he is an example of what young people should be. A good mirror where everyone at the academy should look at each other. Those who do like him will be well done."



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