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03 Oct 2020
Striker Miku was presented. He explained his reasons to join Depor and also admitted that the Galician outfit is the rival to beat on the Segunda B season.

Miku was presented on Friday. He was explaining why he accepted the call of Deportivo, "When you receive the interest of a great team, as an athlete you are attracted to it. We all know what Depor represents in Galicia and the world. It’s a team deeply rooted in Venezuela and there’s a gigantic Galician culture there. I told my agent that if the option was real, it would be a challenge and an exciting experience. We know that it isn’t the usual level or the place it deserves, so we have to remove it as soon as possible.”

“I knew the idiosyncrasies of the entity. I played with Lopo, Juan Rodríguez, Lafita… they always told me that their time here had been excellent. I have Galician friends like Trashorras, others who live here like Paco Jémez… personal friends, relatives in Sada… I don't know if it’s destiny or not, but it looked like I was going to end up coming here." He added.

About the fact of returning to Spain, the striker commented that, "When I left, economic aspects prevailed. There are times in life in which trains pass in front of you and you need to take the chance. As a family, we made the decision to leave and these have been wonderful years. Whatever level it is, I won the Cup, I won leagues... I have been champion for three years and that adds up. At a family level we have learned, we have traveled a lot, but it’s time to return to Spain. It’s where our usual residence is, our life is here and when Deportivo calls you, everything else was in the background. The idea is to do well and re-engage in professional football, compete at the highest level."

The Venezuelan attacker admitted that Depor is the rival to beat at Segunda B, “You have to know how to live with that pressure. It’s clear that, in this league, we are the rival to beat. But that can't be a reason for us to load ourselves with extra pressure and things don't turn out. Playing for success is very nice and we need to have the ability to manage that and not be dominated by emotions.”

Finally, Miku promised that he will try to be at the top as soon as possible, I will try to get there as quickly as possible. It already happened to me when I returned to Rayo after being in Qatar. At the time it was with the season already started, but I've already been working here for three weeks. We did the fat test and I have lowered the percentage, I have lost weight and every day I feel thinner. And with better feelings on the field, which is what counts. The touch, the pass, the relationship with the teammates... it’s essential to arrive in the best shape."



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