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04 Oct 2020
Bad performance for a grey Deportivo. The team only had 17 players available, but it barely created any opportunity against a hard-working rival.

The rival was Tercera club Bergantiños CF, there five players that passed through Depor’s academy at their starting eleven. Fernando Vázquez kept playing with a 4-4-2 scheme, but now with side defenders acting on the wings. Miku and Adri Castro were the references in attacks, while Lucho García started at the goal.

Depor had two opportunities within the first ten minutes, the first was a shot of Álex Bergantiños blocked by local goalie Canedo (3’). Three minutes later, Adri Castro made a solo-play inside the area and his crossed shot went close to the far post.

Bergantiños CF had its first opportunity through a shot of Santiago Duque that was blocked by Lucho García (11’). Contrary to the previous game with CSD Arzúa, Bergantiños CF were giving problems to Depor’s defence. Jorge Cano and Remeseiro were finding cracks in defence.

Meanwhile, Depor were lacking fluidity and lacked references on the wings. Nacho González was trying to combine with Héctor Hernández on the left, but their interventions weren’t ending in chances to score.

At minute 23, Remeseiro collected across from Antón Concheiro, but his crossed shot went out. Deportivo were having big problems to move the ball in attack, so it wasn’t strange that the best chance to score came with a long-distance shot. It was Nacho González with a powerful volley from 30 meters that hit the crossbar (31’).

For the second half, Fernando Vázquez made the six changes. Only Bóveda, Valín, Álex Bergantiños, Nacho González and Héctor Hernández stayed on the pitch. Eneko Bóveda was moved to the centre of the defence and Jorge Valín was performing on the right side of the defence.

Bergantiños CF had a strong start and had two chances to score within the first five minutes. At minute 49, substitute Yelco Alfaya was close to connect a cross from the left, in the resulting corner-kick, the header of Iago López was deflected by Carlos Abad.

Depor started to regain control over the ball, but the chances weren’t arriving as they lacked ideas. Actually, Bergantiños CF were looking much better. At minute 69, there was a possible penalty of Juan Rodríguez, but the referee didn’t whistle the foul.

 By minute 70, Depor were already a broken team, unable to find Keko in attack and with Gandoy and Héctor Hernández incapable of breaking the defensive line by the wings, so the visiting side didn’t complete a shot on target in the second part.

Truly Fernando Vázquez only had 17 players available due to the injuries, but the team left a very negative impression. It was too thick in offensive plays, while it had some cracks in defence. The changes just made things worse for the second part.

Bergantiños: (4-2-3-1) Canedo (Brais Pereiro 46’) - Vela, Abel (Marcos Rodríguez 64’), Iago López, Aarón – Uzal (Martín García 89’), Concheiro (Pablo Carro 85’) – Cano (Alejandro Tari 46’), Remeseiro (Carlos López 61’), Lamelas (Yelco 46’) – Duque (William 85’).
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Lucho García (Carlos Abad 46’) - Bóveda, Mujaid (Juan Rodríguez 46’), Granero (Borges 46’), Salva Ruiz (Gandoy 46’) - Valín, Álex Bergantiños, Nacho González, Héctor Hernández – Miku (Beauvue 46’), Adri Castro (Keko Gontán 46’).
Venue: As Eiroas



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