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01 Nov 2020
Depor’s coach pointed out several times that the season is just starting and the fans should remain supporting the team. Unionistas’ coach said that his team needs a perfect match in order to succeed on Sunday.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Friday. He insisted that it’s understandable that the expectations of the fans were high, but he also sends the message that they need unity with the public in order to grow throughout the competition. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Criticism after two matchdays: “The criticism is unnecessary, but well... I don’t know if it’s precipitated or not. I just want to translate my opinion: We cannot fall into the idea that the goal wasn’t achieved. We are just starting the league, everyone knows how the pre-season was, and sometimes I feel we should have achieved the goal by the second matchday, and it worries me that people might lose the faith in the squad. There’s a danger there, because players perform better if they know that the public believe in them. I consider that, last year, the feeling of been supported was key to be closer to the goal. It will be bad that the team feels that we are missing unity with the fans since the beginning. The team will be what the fans want to be.”

The role of David Sánchez [his assistant]: I know I will receive criticism for this, but he is the one that has been helping me. I know he is missing the degree of coach, but he has been fulfilling the role of second coach. He has my confidence, but the problems with the degree are preventing him to be on the bench. That’s why Manuel Pombo has been directing the team from the field.“

Unionistas: “I want to see the players focused, Unionistas will make things hard for us. It is a well-trained team. There are good coaches at Segunda B. Later we have the handicap that we will play in a pitch with artificial turf. And what happens there is that the tactical differences are equaled in an extraordinary way. It’s not an excuse, but a reality. Curiously it isn’t allowed to play in artificial turf in Copa Del Rey, bit it is allowed at Segunda B. They are coming from drawing at Pontevedra, and it won’t be easy.”

Returning to the 4-4-2? “It’s something that’s always in my head. In my head I see who is better at that moment, which eleven players are better, and I switch the system in my mind. The 4-4-2 is an option that I will use, but don’t know yet if on Sunday. Maybe with Nacho González, or maybe with Gandoy and Borja Galán; I don’ t know. I will keep the mystery until hours before the game.”

Is Uche Agbo ready to be a starter: “It isn’t easy to valorize his situation. We need to put him s a starter for that. He is evolving, but we still have the doubt if he is ready for ninety minutes, or if only for the last thirty minutes. These are doubts of the coach and we will answer it.”

The attitude of the team: “The attitude isn’t the one of a team that’s holding on or just defending, it is of attacking. What happens is that we aren’t ending things. If I see that the strategy of pressing up front doesn’t work, then I will change it, because there are alternatives, but for now the tactic of the team is to press up front, steal the ball and make a quick transition to score a goal. Aren’t we seeing that? I think we are seeing it by flashes, it isn’t perfect, off course, will this be the definite way? I don’t know.”

The state of the doubtful players: “Nacho [Fernández] tested today, and we will see. I believe Borja Granero will be ready, because he is only dealing with inflammation. Héctor [Hernández] trained with the team on Wednesday and is fine.”

Lacking fluidity at midfield: “Surely we are missing some development. We haven’t worked with depth some aspects, so the routines aren’t developed. We still have to work. No matter what, we won a game and drew another game. I am not promising to win all the games, only that things will be complicated, but I can offer my compromise with the goal to see Depor at Segunda A, and that won’t be achieved now. Maybe the expectations were targeting a superior team that would be rampaging the rivals, but that’s a wrong thought.  We all hope the team will be like a machine, but we cannot fool ourselves. It won’t be easy and we need support and confidence. I just ask the fans to not be carried away by expectations.”

Changes in defence after the injuries? “I have made several plans, even playing with three centre-backs.”

Is Miku ready to be a starter? “I have to talk to Miku, he is better and is at a high level. The decision is of the coach and will do it when I consider is the right thing.”

Do you believe the pressure is too much for the team? “No. We are just starting and we have to accept the criticism. I only say that we cannot break the link with the fans. Maybe the error is that the fans thought that the team will be totally superior to the rest. We just need to play better and evolve. The confidence in the team should always be there. There was a time at Deportivo when people were saying that all the players were bad, but what the team needs is confidence, because that’s the way to earn security. Please believe that the team will achieve the goal. The fans should always be there, even in bad moments, and this isn’t a bad moment, because we have four points. That we could have six? Yes, but this is just starting and let’s wait.” 

The club wants to sell Rolan during the winter window: “I am not thinking to much about it. I don’t know when Rolan will be here, but let’s imagine he arrives this weekend: I will talk to him and will watch him during the trainings, and if I consider that he is matching the level to compete, then I will use him. That he will go four games later? Well, let’s do it, but I will get a benefit from it.”

Hernan Pérez talked to reporters on Friday. He is happy with his team and believes Deportivo is a rival that should be in an upper league. He also said that his team needs perfection in order ot get something form this match. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The status of the doubtful players: “Right now we already have the entire squad available, except [Manuel] Viana, who will be a doubt until the last moment. We hope to be able to count on him even if he isn’t starting, because he’s a player capable of going out and changing the game.”

The club made the signings late, even you barely had eleven players two weeks before starting: “It’s an example of our way of working. We decided to bet on a very clear player profile for our playing style and without the financial muscle of other clubs, we had to wait for the deadline to make signings to reach the final days and the players to lower their claims. We risked everything at the closure of the market and I think it went well.”

Satisfied with the results? “A lot. Our beginning was very hard. Starting against Compos, who do things very well, then go to Pasarón to play against one of the favorites and then welcome Depor, who is at another level. The objective was not to disengage in that section.”

What do you think of Depor? “I think it responds to expectations, because it’s a team that will undoubtedly increase the level as the competition progresses and adapts. They have enough squad to make two starting eleven formations that will be crowned champions and that will allow them not to accuse casualties as the rest will suffer. They play in a league or two below the level of their footballers.”

People say that The Unionists are helped by the field of artificial grass: “Probably that will be a determining factor as the matchdays go by. Up to ten days before the start of the competition, we trained on natural grass and we have only played one match on our field. At the moment it is a small advantage. Besides, due to the type of surface, this is one of the best artificial grass pitches in the entire league.”

What will Deportivo find on Sunday? “We handle two alternatives. The football that we like is combinative or high pressure, and against. Depor it’s going to push us to do things very well if we want to succeed, and yet we know that any of their players can throw the game off balance.” 




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