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03 Nov 2020
A team based in its defense conquered a new victory, and that taking in mind that the defensive line has suffered three injuries in two games. Replacements Héctor and Valín were among the best players in the game.

1- Slight improvement: Deportivo continue without showing a persistent superiority over the rivals, but at least in this game there were flashes of what the fans expect to see. At times the team was unable to make three straight passes, while in others the combinative game showed a superior quality over Unionistas, especially when Beauvue, Uche Agbo and Borges were able to connect with Keko on the left. In the end it’s a slight improvement, Deportivo did what it had to do and won the game, a light improvement compared to the meeting at SD Compostela.

2- The influence of the pitch: Unionistas’ coach Hernán Pérez warned before the game that his players were also unused to the artificial grass of the Reino de Sofia, this for been new arrivals without experience in the surface, and the true is that it cannot be said that the pitch had a big influence in the outcome. It neither can be said that it didn’t affect Deportivo, after all the Galicians lost Erik Osede early in the game due to an Achilles problem that might have been influenced by the artificial grass.

3- The base: the defence: After three games in this league, the clear picture is that Deportivo will base its season in the defence. Three games, only a few errors and a goal conceded after a distraction in a corner-kick. And that taking in mind the injury problems affecting the sector (three injuries in two games). For now the solidity in defence is holding on a soft start by the attackers.

4- Héctor Hernández and Valín: Fernando Vázquez was worried as he lost his two starters at the sides in the past game at SD Compostela, but against Unionistas the substitutes were among the best players in the game. Héctor Hernández only needed 90 seconds to score his first goal wearing Depor’s shirt, later the left-back was serious in defence and had some participation in attack with his crosses, the main one was a cross that was wasted by Beauvue (73’). Meanwhile, Valín had a more complete game. He was not only solid covering the right flank, but also contributed with important aids to the centre-backs. And he was also joining the attacks, actually he had one of the best chances to score in the game after a long run that ended with a shot that was barely saved by local goalie Serna (54’).

5- Redemption for Carlos Abad: Carlos Abad was criticized after the error that cost the goal against Salamanca CF, but within the last two games the Canarian goalkeeper has been solid. Against SD Compostela he was among the best players due to his saves, and in this game, without having big plays, he was secure and never conceded a loose ball to the rival.

6- Keko continues to be the only viable option in attack: It has been a slow start for Depor’s attackers. Keko Gontán was the only one that showed quality in this game and more importantly, a consistent performance. Each time he was running with the ball, it was the time when Deportivo looked more dangerous. Meanwhile, Beauvue only contributed when he was moving back in order to combine with the second line, Lara’s game was discrete, and Nacho González continues to appear only by flashes. Borja Galán and Miku entered for the final minutes and didn’t show too much.



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