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03 Nov 2020
The coach was content with the performance of the team, and also felt sorry for the injuries. Unionistas’ coach believes that his team deserved more.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was satisfied with the performance of his team, "At this moment we can only expect to win regardless of the means we can use to achieve it. Getting points is important in the hope that our footballers our and the development of the team can produce easier victories. We came to look for a good result in a complicated field against an opponent more was more used to play on this pitch, and with an intelligent coach.”

"Getting ahead on the scoresheet is always important. You have a good chance of winning the game. And we did it very early in the meeting playing on a pitch that I knew was going to be hard. I am waiting to see the footballers to stand out on their own. Today I saw performances by many of them at a much higher level than the one we saw the other day in Santiago. That already makes me very happy." He added.

What the Galician coach didn’t like was the injury of Erik Osede as he warned that it could be a serious case, "It doesn’t look good. I don't want to pronounce myself, but it doesn't seem easy to fix." Later he praised Álex Bergantiños for covering the spot at the centre of the defence, “He shows tactical intelligence to jump when he has to jump. What are we going to say about Alex? He is good for everything. If we needed him to sweep, he would be a great sweeper. Absolute reliability.”

Vázquez was also feeling sorry as Borja Granero was sidelined at the last minute due to new injury (knee), “Last week I lost two side defenders, and today two important centre-backs. It’s worrying that in a week we almost lost the entire defensive line.”

Meanwhile, Héctor Hernández was content with his goal and the performance on a tough field, "I shot at goal with everything. I was lucky that the ball entered at the top corner. Apart from that, I keep the result, with the team's work and with the victory. I think that’s the important thing in these fields: to extract the positive and to think about the next game.”

At Unionistas, coach Hernán Pérez believes that his team deserved something different from the defeat, “It’s not a matter that the results are fair or not, it is what it is. But in the three games we deserved more of what we got, and we have won, drawn and lost. And the feelings is that the game of the team invites us to be optimistic, though we are sad now for losing at home. Our goal is to continue winning and today we didn’t do it.” 




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