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09 Nov 2020
Sixth defeat for Depor Ladies, and this time it was a cruel one. The team found the equalizer at the end of the game, then Sevilla CF pushed and found he second goal during the added time.

Coach Manu Sánchez was still having the causalties of Cris, Peke and Kenni Thompson. After suffering five straight defeats, the coach made some changes. Gaby and Carolina Arbeláez returned into the starting formation and the coach used the 4-3-3 of last season.

Sixth defeat in six games and the disaster of Depor Ladies continues. Not too much improvement, only that, for the first time this season, the team reached the break without conceding a goal. Sevilla CF was the best team and the outcome was foreseeable, but it was still painful as the second goal came at the last second.

Depor Ladies had the same slow start witnessed in all the games on this start to the season.  The team was playing for the first time at the Riazor in a league competition (it played in Copa de La Reina on last campaign), but it wasn’t enough incentive to improve the game of the team.

The gals weren’t having the ball, at least Sevilla CF weren’t creating any harm. The Andalusians were trying to attack by both wings, especially on the right wing through Tony Payne. At minute 24, Sullastres missed the ball during a cross, but no one was coming from behind.

The first opportunity for Depor Ladies came at minute 34, it was a shot of Patri López that went close to the post (34’). In the following play, a cross of Amparito couldn’t be connected properly by Zenatha Coleman.

An improvement was witnessed within the final ten minutes, because both sides had opportunities. At minute 37, a good pass by Athenea was about to end in goal, but visiting goalie Noelia Ramos made the save. Two minutes later, Coleman appeared again and this time she missed the target.  There was also a possible penalty over Athenea that wasn’t whistled.

Eva Dios was the first substitution, she replaced Helena Torres. The first chance to score arrived soon, Gaby headed a cross from Patri and Noelia Ramos made the save (48’). Sevilla FC replied with Payne facing Sullastres in a one-on-one action, she dribbled the keeper, but a defender deflected the ball and later Claudia Pina missed the target (51’).

And just one minute later, Sevilla FC found the goal. Pina drilled a perfect pass to Zenatha Coleman after an error in the output of the ball, and the Namibian didn’t miss in a new one-on-one with Sullastres.

There was a slight reaction by Depor Ladies with a couple of arrivals, but Sevilla CF started to push again and the locals were chocked. Lía was the second substitution as she replaced Carolina Arbeláez. It didn’t change the picture as Sevilla CF were still looking more dangerous.

At minute 74, Sullastes made a great save blocking a strong shot of substitute Ana Franco. Then Lady Andrade replaced Iris. then there was a ray of hope for the Galicians, Depor Ladies should have scored the equalizer at minute 76, but Gaby headed out a good cross from Athenea.

But the equalizer arrived anyway, it as a corner-kick of Lía that Stephannie Blanco headed home. The point was tasting like too little after the previous results, but it was a good reward for what both teams did in this game.

The match became attractive within the last ten minutes, substitute Gabarro was close to score the winning goal for Sevilla CF, but she missed a good cross from Ana Franco (88’). The Andalusians pushed hard during the stoppage time ad had four clear chances, and the winning goal came at the last second. Substitute Raquel Pinel found the ball after a corner-kick and she didn’t miss from close range.

Deportivo: (4-3-3) Sullastres – Patri López, Blanco, Ainoa, Villegas – Arbeláez (Lía 73’), Iris (Lady Andrade 75’), Alba Merino - Gaby - Helena Torres (Eva Dios 46’), Athenea.
Sevilla: (4-2-3-1) Noelia Ramos - Lucía, Almudena, Gaitán, Amparito (Toro 71’) – Nagore, Virgy (Gabarro 78’) – Payne (Pinel 80’), Carla Armengol (Aivi 72’), Coleman (Ana Franco 62’) – Claudia Pena.
Nago, Carla, Pina - Virgy, Payne, Amparito, Coleman – Gaitán, Almudena.
Goals: 0-1: (52’) Coleman, 1-1: (82’) Stephannie Blanco, 1-2: (90+4’) Raquel Pinel
Referee: María Romero Navarro. She showed yellow card to Arbeláez (45’) & Ana Franco (66’)
Venue: Riazor




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