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19 Nov 2020
Carlos Abad is convinced that Deportivo are also adapted to Segunda B, the goalkeeper also said that the solid defence showed so far is a consequence of the work of the whole team.

Carlos Abad addressed the media on Wednesday. He was talking of the upcoming game at Guijuelo, "It's a game to be competitive and try to do our best, but conditions are going to limit us. Against Unionistas we tried and got three points with one goal, which was enough. We have to prepare ourselves as best as possible in order to compete at the top."

He was also talking of the artificial grass that Deportivo is going to meet at the Municipal Luis Ramos stadium, "We, the goalkeepers, also noticed it, of course. The strikes over the ball, the support in the aerial balls... to defend a shot the ball rolls differently. Sometimes faster, other times slower, with a choppier bounce... it changes a lot.”

Deportivo have only allowed one goal after four matchdays, and the Canarian keeper explains why, Security: "I am feeling comfortable, very protected and not only because of the defensive line. The first to defend is the forward and I have a very involved team. I don't take it as pressure, it's my job. No matter is one or more opportunities in which I have to participate. My role is to be there when I have to be."

Abad also said that Depor are already adapted to Segunda B, "After a small period of adaptation, we are already seeing what we are going to find. No game is going to be easy. We are adapted to the league, to the mud, to rolling up our sleeves and working to get the points."



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