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20 Nov 2020
Captain Álex Bergantiños is happy with the performance of the team so far, mainly for the results achieved. He was also warning about the upcoming visit to CD Guijuelo.

Álex Bergantiños addressed the media on Thursday. He was making a balance about the performance of Deportivo in the league, "I’s positive. Whenever there’s a change of league or coaching staff, it’s good that you can compete by adding points. It’s a good base, and you have to improve things little by little. The team is solid, it has conceded only one goal and that speaks well of how we work. Now must improve details of the game, to get together better, make phases of the game better, but always looking at the result.”

"We have to acclimatize to everything, to the league and ourselves. There is a new squad, and we have to generate new automatisms, this year with the addition that we are the rival to beat. Everything that isn’t winning, and winning comfortably, it seems that tastes like nothing to everyone and against that it’s difficult to keep a cool mind. We are competing well, adding points and from there we can ask for a more colorful play, but that’s in the background, because the important thing is to take the games forward, and at the moment we are doing it.” He added.

Depor’s captain believes that the break was good for the team, “Above all, it has helped us to recover people more for the mental issue. The team wanted to keep playing, you never know if it hurts or benefits when you are in good inertia. Let's hope that the injuries respect us, since we are a short squad, to be with the highest number of players available and try to make good numbers in these next four games.”

Bergantiños was also talking of CD Guijuelo and the artificial grass at their stadium, “It’s a team like all those who have these fields, with two faces. They have that weapon to compete in a different field and at home they are very strong. They haven’t lost at home for more than a year, they beat Salamanca 2-0 quite clearly and in that field everything is equal. They have measured the bounces of the ball, the distances, which are what harm you in these messy games, also the direct game. We have to show defensive solidity and concentration not to make mistakes.”

For him, the game at Unionistas is the path to follow, “The field of Unionistas was a bit misleading because the bounce was complicated. It’s difficult to circulate, everything is equalized. The one in Guijuelo is more unpredictable, different, because we know it’s a field that can have wind. At Unionistas it was good for the early goal, but we know that there are games that penalize the error. You have to be focused, any bad bounce can penalize you and that’s more noticeable than in a grass field. We are mentalized as against Unionistas and hopefully we can score a goal soon and it can make us remember how we competed against Unionistas.”

Finally, Álex talked of Javier Tebas and his declarations at Marca firing against the Xunta de Galicia for their case against the LFP, "I am not surprised taking in mind who is speaking. He chooses very well where he is going to speak. I hope that in the end he will also have to testify and explain what they did, how they did it and if they did it well, if they tried to leave the city or not. It’s a strategy so that it seems something of the Galicians and the people from A Coruña."

“I will go anywhere to defend what we did here and to see if they, Tebas and La Liga, do the same and not only in the media they want. Simply that, that both the health and sporting routes are studied, but the real judges, not interested judges of La Liga, the Federation or the CSD, who in the end you don’t know what interests are they defending."



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