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24 Nov 2020
Goals at the end of both halves paved the way to the second victory by Fabril. Rayco and Villares were the best players for Valerón’s side.

Coach Juan Carlos Valerón had the casualties of Juan Rodríguez, Raúl Pescador and Adri Castro for the game. The striker was isolated for been in contact with a player of SD Silva that tested positive for COVID-19. The coach was still using a 4-2-3-1 system.

Alberto Sánchez was the starting keeper, Iván Guerrero covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Iñigo Reinoso, David Suárez and Álvaro Yuste played at the centre of the defence. Javi Sanmartín and Diego Villares were the midfielders. Jorge Sarmiento was the playmaker, Rayco RodriguezÁlex Pérez attacked from the wings, then Juan Cambón was the centre forward.

Second victory on the season for Fabril. After a boring first part, the game was more fluid in the second, this since CD As Pontes decided to opened up after allowing a goal at the end of the first half, and it only opened the room for the second goal of Fabril scored when the game was about to end.

However, it wasn’t a good game for Fabril. The team had long ball possessions, but the opportunities to score were scarce. What happened is that the ball was passing more time at midfield through short passes, later things were complicated at the moment of attempting any penetration by the sides.

The first opportunity was a cross of Sarmiento connected by Cambón, he scored, but the goal was disallowed for an offside (15’). In the next 20 minutes, the lads had the ball, but nothing was happening.

It was until minute 36 that Fabril had a new opportunity. A combination between Iván Guerrero and Villares ended with a cross that Cambón only missed by inches when the striker was at the box.

It seemed that the first half was going to end goalless, but Fabril found the way to score, and that way was a set-piece. It was a quick corner-kick in which the cross of Sarmiento was headed by Diego Villares at the far post. It’s his second goal on the season and a nice reward for the most active player on the pitch.

The second half started with a great chance for AS Pontes, a cross from former Fabril’s captain Adrian Martinez that Artai connected, but his crossed shot went wide (47’). Fabril responded two minutes later with a long-distance shot of Sarmiento that was saved by Paco. And one minute later a solo-play of Rayco was cleared to corner-kick after a new attempt by Villares.

The next chance to score came at minute 69, Rayco made a new great play on the left, but visiting goalie Paco Fernández made the save. The score was narrow and Valerón wanted to slow the pace, for this reason he ordered a double substitution with Álex Boedo and Famoussa Kanouté entering for Sarmiento and Álex Pérez. Then Víctor Guendes and Manu Mosquera entered for Cambón and Rayco.

But the changes didn’t slow the desperation of AS Pontes, side that was pushing in attack after their passive attitude of the first part, and that opened a space for the counterattack,  and in one of these actions, at the last minute of the added time, Boedo chipped the ball over the keeper and defined the game.

Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Alberto – Iván Guerrero, David Suárez, Yuste, Reinoso – Javi Sanmartín, Villares - Alex Pérez (Boedo 74’), Sarmiento (Kanouté 74’), Rayco (Manu Mosquera 80’) – Cambón (Guedes 80’).
As Pontes: (4-3-3) Paco – Alberto (Vilela 75’), Moya, Dani, Borja – Óscar Martínez (Mitogo 57’), Adrián Martínez (Dani Pájaro 66’), Breijo (Gonzalo 57’) – Iñaki, Del Río (Rubén Pardo 75’), Artai.
Goals: 1-0: (42’) Villares, 2-0: (90+3’) Boedo
Referee: Zulema González. She showed yellow card to Óscar Martínez (11’), Breijo (33’), Yuste (50’), Alberto (63’) & Javi Sanmartín (89’).
Venue: Abegondo






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