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01 Dec 2020
Second defeat on the season, Fabril didn’t play a bad game, but two punctual distractions in weird plays cost the game against the runners-up of the subgroup.

Coach Juan Carlos Valerón recovered Juan Rodríguez, but he lost Rayco, who suffered a knock in the previous game with As Pontes. Raúl Pescador was the other player injured, while Adri Castro was picked by the first team for the home game with Racing Ferrol.

Pablo Brea was the starting keeper, Iván Guerrero covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Guille Bueno, the Juvenile left-back was debuting with the team.David Suárez and Juan Rodríguez played at the centre of the defence. Javi Sanmartín and Famoussa Kanouté were the midfielders. Jorge Sarmiento was the playmaker, Diego Villares and Álex Boedo attacked from the wings, then Juan Cambón was the centre forward.

Fabril suffered the second defeat on the season, it cannot be said that the lads played a bad game, only that they conceded a goal at the end of both halves in weird plays that involved David Suárez. the team is now out of the playoff positions. 

The game had intensity within the first minutes, but both sides were missing passes in the offensive transitions. The first approximation for Fabril was a shot of Sarmiento that was an easy catch for local goalie Brais Pereiro (4’).

Fabril could have scored the first goal in the game at minute 15. Diego Villares released a drilled cross and Juan Cambón was unable to connect the ball when he was alone standing before two defenders.

Valerón’s lads were playing a solid game, they had long ball possessions and forced Bergantiños CF to play on the counterattack.  Then the game changed as the locals improved, to the point that Pablo Brea had to make two saves against Yelco (30’ & 35’). Carlos López had the next chance for the locals with a shot from close range that missed the target (42’).

And before the break Bergantiños CF scored, a weird rebound at midfield allowed Yelco to face David Súarez in the one-on-one. The attacker beat the defender and then crossed Pablo Brea. And the first half ended with Duque close to score the second for Bergantiños CF after his header passed close to the far post (44’).

Fabril had a strong start in the final part, it started with a great chance to tie the game. Guille Bueno assisted Boedo at the edge of the area, the left-back (now playing as a left winger) fired a low shot that Brais Pereiro barely deflected, the ball slipped under his body and then hit the post (46’).

Three minutes later the local goalie had to make a new save, this time against the attempt of Juan Cambón.Then Villares missed the target firing from inside the area (53’).  Valerón started to make changes, Javi Sánchez entered for Sarmiento, then Álex Barba and Manu Mosquera entered the field, but the modifications didn’t help too much as the visiting side had problems to break the local deadlock.

Fabril were still insisting and got a reward for the work done throughout the game with a penalty, though it was a doubtful call protested by the locals. Álex Boedo entered the area by the right corner and fought for a long pass, then he fell down before the pressure of keeper Brais Pereiro and defender Pablo Agulló. The referee whistled the penalty and the same Boedo converted from the spot.

It seemed Fabril were rescuing a point, but then a new weird play starred by David Suárez ended with the second goal for Bergantiños CF. A cross from the left was caught by the defender at the edge of the area, he was about to clear the ball, but Agulló, who was involved in the play of the penalty, redeemed himself arriving quickly and he blocked the attempt of Depor’s player, the ball bounced in the local defender, then the ball instead of been cleared it when into the exact path where Marcos Remeseiro was standing inside the box, and from there he beat Pablo Brea with a low shot.

Bergantiños; (4-4-2) Brais Pereiro – Abel Martínez, Pablo Agulló, Rama, Diego Vela (Marcos Rodríguez 62’) – Concheiro, Carlos López (Jorge Cano 72’), Diego Uzal, Duque (Lamelas 62’) – Remeseiro, Yelco.
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Pablo Brea – Iván Guerrero, David Suárez, Juan Rodríguez, Guille Bueno – Javi Sanmartín (Barba 76’), Kanouté - Villares, Sarmiento (Javi Sánchez 60’), Boedo – Cambón (Manu Mosquera 76’).
Goals: 1-0: (43’) Yelco, 1-1: (81’) Boedo (penalty), 2-1: (86’) Remeseiro
Referee: Rodrigo García Gómez. He showed yellow card to Diego Vela (17’), Duque (37’), Carlos López (71’), Brais Pereiro (80’), Pablo Agulló (80’) & Marcos Rodríguez ((8’).
Venue: As Eiroas.







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