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09 Dec 2020
Comeback for Fabril, the team was losing 0-1 at half-time and recovered some field after losing the previous two games. Adri Castro scored his first goal on the season.

The game was scheduled in midweek for been a holiday (The Immaculate Conception). Coach Juan Carlos Valerón was still missing Iñigo Reynoso, Álex Boedo and Raúl Pescador for injury reasons, while Juan Cambón was suspended (he was sent off against Polvorín CF). But Adri Castro was available and went directly into the starting formation.

Pablo Brea was the starting keeper, Iván Guerrero covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Guille Bueno, Álvaro Yuste and Juan Rodríguez played at the centre of the defence. Javi Sanmartín and Famoussa Kanouté were the midfielders. Rayco Rodríguez attacked from the right wing, Diego Villarres did it from the left, Jorge Sarmiento was the playmaker and Adri Castro was the centre forward.

Fabril remain without showing the expected football. Valerón made variations in the first part that didn’t work after allowing an early goal, but the changes made in the second part unclogged the game of the team.

The bad moment of Fabril continued just from the kick-off. Only two minutes in the clock and Agrupación Estudiantil were already winning the game, this after Sarmiento committed a penalty over Iago Neira. Pablo Brea blocked the shot of Suso from the spot, but winger Antón Vilas was there to collect the loose ball and claim the lead.

From there the first part became boring and eventless. Fabril were facing the same problem of old games: lack of ideas. The locals had the ball, but never managed to break the rival’s defence. Sarmiento moved his position to the right wing, while Rayco was now attacking by the centre, but it wasn’t enough to damage a rival that was feeling comfortable.

The exchange of positions continued for the second part, and this time it worked. Javi Sánchez replaced Iván Guerrero and Sarmiento was moved back to the centre, Rayo was on the left wing and Villares was delayed to the right side in defence.

Fabril were playing much better and Javi Sánchez had a clear chance to tie the game after a defensive error, but visiting goalie Óscar Santiago made the save (60’).  Oli Fernández was the player that committed the error on the left side of the defence, and he committed the same error with the output of the ball nine minutes later, and this time it cost the equalizer.

Villares collected the ball and drilled a cross that Adri Castro found at the far post, it is the first goal on the season for the striker. Valerón moved the bench again and Álex Barba replaced Javi Sanmartin.

And that modification also had an impact in the game, because seven minutes later the winger was going to score for Fabril. He collected a loose ball after a deflected shot of Adri Castro and didn’t miss from close range.

With the advantage at their side, Fabril started to protect the ball, and Valerón protected the result with the entry of defender Miguel Ángel Prendes for Sarmiento. But the suffering was still there and substitute Moreira had a goal disallowed after a foul in a corner-kick action (86’). The suffering stayed until the added time, moment in which Yuste scored the third goal for the locals. It was a lateral free-kick by Javi Sánchez that the centre-back headed in at the far post.

Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Pablo Brea – Iván Guerrero (Javi Sánchez 46’), Juan Rodríguez, Yuste, Guille Bueno –Javi Sanmartín (Barba 68’), Kanouté - Rayco, Sarmiento (Prendes 86’), Villares - Adri Castro.
Estudiantil: (5-4-1) Óscar Santiago - Iago Neira, Paco (Moreira 55’), Toño, Suso Martínez (Roca 55’), Oli - Jacobo Millán (Tino Miguez 55’), Manu Rodríguez, Sebas, Antón Vilas (Freiría 55’) - Rubén Márquez (Salgado 65’).
Goals: 0-1: (3’) Vilas, 1-1: (68’) Adri Castro, 2-1: (75’) Barba, 3-1: (90+1’) Yuste
Referee: Adrián González Franco. He showed yellow card to Paco (18’), Suso Martínez (41’), Rubén Márquez (65’), Tino Miguez (85’) & Manu Rodríguez (89’)
Venue: Abegondo




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