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14 Dec 2020
Depor Ladies is no longer the bottom place, the team came from behind again, this time thanks to the entry of Michelle Romero and the passes of Cris. The goals were scored by Peke and Athenea.

Coach Manu Sánchez was still missing goalkeeper Ester Sullastres and attacker Kenni Thompson, and for the first time on the season, he decided to repeat the lineup of the previous game. It meant to see again the trident Gaby, Peke and Athenea del Castillo in attack.

Second straight victory and Depor Ladies is no longer the bottom place. It was a game that had a static first part, at least for the first 30 minutes, and that became exciting in the second half, especially within the final fifteen minutes.

The game had a slow start, Depor Ladies had the usual problems to step into the rival’s area, while the only approximation within the first ten minutes by EDF Logroño was a cross without any consequence (5’). The first big chance to score came at minute 13, it was a free-kick of Olga García saved by Noe Bermúdez, the loose ball was found by Tavlo-Petersson and she met the crossbar.

Depor Ladies responded with a quick counterattack in which the crossed shot of Athenea Del Castillo was saved by visiting goalie Pamela Tajonar (14’). Then Olga García was stretched out at EDF Logroño after suffering a muscle injury. Their best player was out, but the visiting side was having the best opportunities.

At minute 25, Jade Boho Sayo should have scored after dribbling Noe Bermúdez inside the area, but Noelia Villegas came from behind and saved the goal. The visiting side was already deserving the goal, they had two disallowed goals for offsides, but somehow the locals reached the pause with the clean sheet.

Depor Ladies could even have reached the pause with the advantage in the scoresheet, but Gaby didn’t arrive in time to connect the ball after Peke headed at the near post a cross by Cris (36’).

The first opportunity in the second half was for Depor Ladies, Athenea made the play and assisted Alba Merino, but her shot went wide (50’). And the first goal in the game came in the next play and it was scored by EDF Logroño.

It was a corner-kick of Leti, Noe Bermúdez made a poor clearance, then Jade put the ball at the centre and Tavlo-Petersson met it almost at the goal line. The locals had the ball after the goal, but they continued to have problems at the moment of making the transition defence-attack. Manu Sánchez moved the bench and Michelle Romero replaced Arbeláez

That modification turned to be the turning point in the game. The draw was switched into a 4-3-3 with Michelle Romero attacking by the right wing, and Depor Ladies were going to find the equalizer. And it was a beautiful goal, Romero started the play on the right, Cris made a pass to Peke and she released the cross, then Athenea Del Castillo scored with a gently heel touch as he was backwards the goalkeeper.

The game became exciting after the goal, because both sides were going to have the chance to win it. Manu Sánchez continued putting offensive players on the pitch as Lia replaced Alba Merino. Chini could have scored for EDF Logroño, but he missed the target in a corner-kick action (77’).

And Depor Ladies weren’t going to miss their next opportunity, again the play was born on the right wing with Michelle Romero leading the charge, again Cris was important as he drilled a perfect pass into the wing, this time the roles were exchanged as Athenea was he one assisting and Peke was scoring, she didn’t miss from the far post. The visiting side could have equalized the score at minute 85, but Noe Bermúdez saved the header of Inés after the cross from Caracas.

Deportivo: (4-4-2) Noe Bermúdez – Cris, Blanco, Ainoa, Villegas – Arbeláez (Michelle Romero 66’), Iris, Alba Merino (Lia 82’), Gaby – Athenea, Peke.
Logroño: (4-4-2) Pamela – Caracas, Inés, Cazalla, Leti – Vilakazi (Grace Asantewaa 65’), Chini, Tavlo-Petersson, Carol (Silvia Cruz 74’) – Olga García (Ida Guehai 20’), Jade.
Goals: 0-1: (52’) Taylo, 1-1: (70’) Athenea, 2-1: (83’) Peke
Referee: Beatriz Arregui Gamir. She showed yellow card to Caracas (36’), Alba Merino (41’) &Ainoa (90+1’)
Venue: Abegondo




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