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20 Dec 2020
Draw in the visit to Madrid CFF (1-1). Some improvement in defence, but the team only created danger within the final ten minutes. Luckily, Peke rescued a point scoring in the added time.

Coach Manu Sánchez lost Alba Merino due to a suspension, while goalkeeper Ester Sullastres and attacker Kenni Thompson remain injured. There was only one modification compared to the team that defeated EDF Logroño and it was the first appearance as a starter of Rosalía Muiño 'Lía', who claimed the spot of Merino.

Depor Ladies have added 7 of the last 9 points in dispute and continue ascending. This time the rival deserved more as it dominated the game for almost the entire game. The gals were solid in defence and only pushed in attack within the final ten minutes.

The first approximation in the game was for Madrid CFF, Estela Fernández fired from the edge of the area, and the ball went over the crossbar (3’). The locals had the initiative throughout the first part and Depor Ladies were trying to find space for the counterattack.

The locals continued pushing and the first big chance to score came at minute 12, Noe Bermúdez made two saves in the same play, both again striker Geyse Ferreira. The dominion continued, but with the passage of the minutes the Madrilenians were facing more problems to step into Depor’s area.

Depor Ladies, meanwhile, was practically inexistant in attack. Their first approximation came until minute 39, and it was a defender, centre-back Stephannie Blanco, who missed the target firing from the edge of the area. The first half was also full of fouls, precisely Stephannie Blanco had to wear a bandage in the head after a collision with a rival.

Madrid CFF were going to break the deadlock in their first opportunity of the second half. Maca Portales managed to drill a pass to Geyse Ferreira and this time the Brazilian attacker didn't miss from close range.

The goal didn’t change the picture, Depor Ladies were trailing once again and needed to increase their offensive presence, but until minute 60 it was practically inexistent. The first chance for the visiting side in the second part came until minute 61, and it was a shot of Arbeláez that missed the target.

Manu Sánchez moved the bench and Michelle Romero replaced Lia. The entry of Romero was key on the last game with EDF Logroño, but this time it didn’t have the same impact; actually Madrid CFF were closer to score the second. At minute 74, Rita headed a cross after a corner-kick and the ball passed close to the post.

Lady Andrade replaced Arbeláez and there was a radical change for the final ten minutes, because Depor Ladies harassed and had several chances to tie the game. Keeper María Sampalo had to make three saves, two against Athenea and one against Michelle Romero, but she couldn’t avoid the goal of Peke during the added time.

Madrid CFF: (4-3-3) Sampalo – Joyce, Frisbie, Mo, Itzi – Estela (Tui 70’), Rita, Laurita (Paula Gutiérrez 79’) – Priscila (Silvia 70’), Geyse (Okeke 86’), Maca (Valeria 79’).
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Noe Bermúdez – Cris, Blanco, Ainoa, Villegas – Arbeláez (Lady Andrade 83’), Iris, Lía (Michelle Romero 67’), Gaby – Athenea, Peke.
goals: 1-0: (50’) Geyse, 1-1: (90+2’) Peke
Referee: Elena Peláez Arnillas. She showed yellow card to Cris (36’), Joyce (38’), Villegas (42’)
Venue: Matapiñonera



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