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13 Feb 2008
As part of the corrections that Lotina wants to make in order to improve Depor's strategy, the players realised on Tuesday some strength and resistance tests in order to determine what level of physical effort they can resist. And the results have been very positive, because the whole squad is presenting acceptable readings.

Coach Lotina explained that he wants to increase the level of physical exigency in the squad, this in order to make the adjustments to his new strategy with five defenders. But first he wants to meet the current physical level of his players. That's why Depor's physical trainer, Eduardo Dom?要guez, made some tests during Tuesday's training session in order to establish a measure of this levels.

The first thing the players did was to make several jumping exercises, the intention was to register the period of time they spend in the air, because this mark has a direct relation  with the effort done by the the players during short physical efforts, this means their accelerations on the pitch. Later, the players realised progressive intermittent resistance tests, this consist in runs of  45 seconds with a pause of fifteen seconds, the levels were rising after each break since the distance was increased by six meters.

Eduardo Dom?要guez was registering the marks and established an individual number according to the heart's pulsation and the vibrations of the muscles, this leads to a specific number known as maximum aerobic speed. According to Dom?要guez, the less mark that should be allowed is 17, while a mark of 22 should be considered as 'outstanding'.

And the results of the players have been really good. Juan Rodr?茆uez, Manuel Pablo, De Guzm??n and Barrag??n registered the biggest score with 23, while Coloccini, Sergio, Wilhelmsson, Lafita, Antonio Tom??s and Verd?? were one step behind with 22. The player with the worst mark was Valer??n (18). A thing that's normal since he has been out of the competition for a while. Dom?要guez considered that Valer??n's mark is low but at the same time, it's enough to allow his participation in Depor's matches. This won't be the only physical tests realised to the squad, because on the next week, the doctors will make more, but this time in order to measure the velocity of the players, an important fact in order to plan the counterattacks during the matches.

Depor's physical trainer talked at Abegondo's press room about the conclusions made during the test realised to the players. His general conclusion was: "The team is well in the physical aspect. It may not be the best one in Primera Divisi??n, but it doesn't have low points. There are no players 'disappearing' and we don't have the risk of not having the physical capacity to react. We can improve, but the squad could feel the consequences in one month. If we keep this level, the team will reach the end of the competition in good conditions."

Later, Eduardo Dom?要guez gave his specific conclusions about some of the players in the squad, this is a resume of his declarations:
Lopo: "He reached the mark of 20. He's in a better condition compared to the one saw on the pre-season, it's a good level, but he can improve."
Valer??n: "He reached 19, an optimum result after all the time he spent out. A lot of players give this result in the pre-season. He has suffered a lot , but it also means that we can ask more to him, because he has the capacity to support a bigger effort. He can play without the risk of suffering an injury for just been competing."
Wilhelmsson: "He made 22. It surprised me. I was hoping for an explosive level, but he gave a high note in resistance. He's able to play."
De Guzm??n: Same thing than Manuel Pablo and Barrag??n. I would swear he will maintain the level until the end of season. "
Filipe: "He didn't make the test for precaution."
Juan Rodr?茆uez: "He had a 23. It doesn't surprise me. He's a powerful player. Let's hope he will keep the level until the end of season. He will assume the tasks of the work."

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