International Peña

The International Peña is an official association of fans that share their passion for Depor. Founded in 2003, this is Deportivo La Coruña's very first international non-geographical peña.

Being a peña involves having a close relation with the club. We are officially recognised and legally affiliated to the club, running our activities on a non-profit basis. We are proud to be the most international Deportivo peña (hence the name), being the only one that has members in  every continent.

The International Peña coordinates its activities in a specific forum at In the last years, we have made our own music album, we have met current and past Depor players, visited A Coruña for our annual meetings, and of course, supported the club in La Liga and European competitions.

Membership perks include special features at its own special forum, getting together with other fans from your area, better access and discounts to purchasing match tickets, possibility to travel with other members, the opportunity to vote for its own Player of the Year amongst other privileges. We all love the International Peña's unique treats such as private stadium tours, meeting players or even touching Riazor's grass. By the way, membership is free.

At the fanclub we are very close, it feels like a family. It is a meeting place of supporters who share the good and bad moments of the team and together work on making it better all the time. After years of talking about football we also like to share our real names, life experiences and personal issues. Only knowing each other, we can plan trips and activities together. Everyone is invited to participate in the forums, but only some are invited to belong to the International Peña.

Every peña member is a forum user that have been very active and supportive with the community. At the International Peña we prioritise quality over quantity. That means that if we don't know you - we won't be able to accept you. At the moment, the peña invites a maximum of 18 members per year. The only chance of us considering to accept you as a member is your active and intelligent participation in the forum so that we notice you, or if one or more of the existing members gives you a recommendation.

Some of the regular members of the forums and site team decided to apply for official recognition, being granted in December of 2003.

How many peñas are out there?
In 2003 the club an official report showed more than 280 around the world, while the Federación de Peñas del R.C. Deportivo La Coruña englobe around 60.