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Deportivo-la-coruna.com - DLC - Site information

First of all, this webpage is NOT the official website of Real Club Deportivo La Coruņa. The official one is entirely in Spanish and can be found here.

That was what inspired a Dutch fan, Leon, to start The International Deportivo Website in March 2000. He wanted to introduce Deportivo to non-Spanish speakers around the world through the internet. His solo effort was full of content such as the latest news, season updates, information on the club and squad, and of course the famous goalmovies and wallpapers.

It was a great success, for there were many around the world who are interested in Deportivo but do not understand Spanish, so to them this site proved an excellent resource.

In April 2002, Leon decided to form a team to improve the website even more. With more hands we managed to increase the breadth and depth of the existing content, add new sections and also produce a new design and layout. So a new edition was born in May 2002, and revised in December 2002.

Disclaimer - What we do and what we don't!

The International Depor Website is by Depor fans for Depor fans. As an unofficial site, we do NOT have direct access to the players or club, nor do we influence the club's official decisions. We DO NOT represent the club.

So if you are a promising young player who wishes to play for Depor, please contact the
official site directly.

We cannot reserve tickets and WILL NOT entertain any requests to send anyone free merchandise like shirts, player autographs, photos, signatures or other gifts/souvenirs. Use your common sense to determine what you think an unofficial site can do.

Our job at Deportivo-La-Coruna.com is simply to ACCUMULATE news pieces and pictures from various sources on the Internet (mainly the Spanish press) and translate them, forming a "Depor checkpoint" where all Depor-related news and rumors are available in one place in English. Once again, as we do not represent the club in any way, we sometimes insert our own opinion into the news pieces.

The Fanclub - International Peņa Deportivo-la-coruna.com

Since December 2004 part of the the website has become an official fanclub of Deportivo! Deportivo-La-Coruna.com is an official fanclub (peņa) with members who activeely participate in the forum. This is Deportivo La Coruņa's very first international, non-geographical peņa.
Membership perks include special features at its own special forum, getting together with other fans from your area, better access to purchasing match tickets, possibility to be present during meetings in La Coruņa, the opportunity to vote for its own Player of the Year and much, much more.

The fanclub is a meeting place of supporters who share the good and bad moments of the team and together work on making it better all the time.

How to be a member?

At our fanclub we are very close. This means that if we don't know you - we won't be able to accept you. So the only chance of us considering to accept you as a member is your active and intelligent participation in the forum so that we notice you or if one or more of the existing members gives you a recommendation.