Fans - Europe

1. LEON -- Groningen, Netherlands

As in most countries, Deportivo does not get the credit in The Netherlands that it deserves. Only in the last seasons, with the increasing Champions League performances, the team gets more respect and some more media attention. But as usual most reports are about Barcelona and Real Madrid, the traditional Spanish top clubs.

The problem here is that there are and have been so many Dutch players and Dutch coaches at Barcelona, and therefore this club claims the most media attention. But people just cannot ignore anymore that Deportivo have been the most successful Spanish club within Spain in the last three seasons, have had more impressive Champions League results than Barcelona lately and with Diego Tristán as the Liga´s topscorer last season.

At this moment Roy Makaay leads this list. That's another reason why the club deserves more attention than it now has, although the more experienced reporters and football supporters do acknowledge what Deportivo have achieved much in the last seasons. For example, Dutch football analysts and former top players Wim Kieft and Willem van Hanegem always are enthusiastic when commenting on Deportivo although they also usually criticise Irureta for his defensive style.

Television coverage here of Deportivo is average, as the open channels sometimes show flashes from the Spanish Liga. Guess what clubs get the most attention? Exactly, Madrid and Barcelona. Fortunately commercial channel Eurosports always broadcasts all Spanish goals, like pay channel Canal+ does. They also broadcast a live Spanish match every Saturday night, sometimes involving Deportivo. Canal+ and the open channels also divide the Champions League matches, so once in a while a Deportivo match is shown. Commercial attention to Deportivo is poor in The Netherlands. Shirts are hard to get, and only some specialised shops sell them. I have never heard of a shop selling stuff other than shirts, so an online shop like Ekipos is a blessing for the Dutch supporters!

2. MARIENAS -- Kretinga, Lithuania

hi all! I'm from Lithuania. Can u imagine a country where football isn't most popular sport ? yes, it's Lithuania. Lithuania is a basketball country, maybe u know players like Jasikevicius or Karnisovas if u have any interest in this sport. Anyway, football in Lithuania isn't very popular, our clubs are very weak, they even cannot reach uefa cup first round ! but most people like champions league or uefa cup, but lithuanians don't even know teams like deportivo. Last week one channel showed the match between man utd and deportivo, my friends laught of me because i love deportivo! but i told them that depor usually plays better than that night. there is very little to read about depor in newspapers of lithuania, because football isn't popular, everything is about basketball. Maybe the things will change when lithuania will come into European Union next year, i hope.

3. ANDRZEJ -- Estonia

hmmmm. nice to read about a fellow Depor fan as NEAR as Lithuania. Well, Estonia is pretty b-ball ridden country as well, but lately things have changed thank God. The footie team has done well I guess that's why. But that's not the issue on the Depor page now is it? I became a fan after the last years first match against ManUtd. Not too long ago, but then again I Was saved from basketball's all-conquering arms just 2 or 3 years ago and have only followed football properly ever since EURO2000. So i was pretty much in the dark what concerned Deportivo. And that night they flew right on the map. Watched the last CL match against Utd with a Manchester-loving friend and it was awful. At least his girlfriend preferred 'the blue ones' (winkwink).

At the moment I'm working on seeing Depor in La Liga. Cos I will hopefully be in Madrid in February or March and I truly hope they'll play at least one of the Madrid clubs then. Visiting Riazor is an event for the brighter future than I'm having at the moment.


4. HOWARD -- England

As I live in England, I don't get the chance to see Deportivo first-hand. But I really got into them when they played Manchester a couple of years ago: seeing as I don't like Man U., I HAD to support Depor!

But seriously, I think they play great football: very quick, skilful and incisive. Even when they lost to Man U. in December, they played so well: without any fear. This is a great achievement, especially as they don't have any major world stars playing for them.

I don't think there is a team in England that could achieve half as much as Deportivo with similar financial means. On top of this, it would get pretty boring with just Real Madrid and Barca playing out for top spot every season: even for THEIR fans! Depor are what football thrives on: skill, passion and not being afraid to play with the "big boys".

5. MARTIN BJERTNESS -- Lommedalen, B?¦rum, Norway

Donato is the best player in the world, it's just too bad that he is 40 years old. In Norway, we love football, but in the newspapers we can't read much about Depor, unfortunately. That sucks. I want to go to La Coruna some day, but it's very difficult to get there, and very expensive. Depor will win la liga and CL this year......

6. HYUGA -- Turbie, France

Hello I am a french fan of SUPERDEPORT and I pray for a french versinof this site !!! I hate REAL MADRID !!! In France is very difficult to be for DEPOR because most of my friend know nothing about this marvellous squad . My dream is to go to the stadium of RIAZOR. I hope I will do my footballistical career in DEPOR!!!!!!!!LOVE DIEGO TRISTAN

7. ENOSITIS 21 -- Athens, Greece

I am a big Depor admirer.I find many similarities to my favourite club here,AEK.I like everything about Depor,even the fact that they are unpredictable!I like to see Madrit beaten down and Barca being seventh...When Depor guys start to dance,everybody just admire.I wish you all the cups that you can get.SAlutations from AEK planet,the Queen of Greece!AEK-DEPOR forever.

8. CAN -- Istanbul, Turkey

We see the turkish flags at Deportivo's Stadium and it's honour for us. As you know, it means Deportivo and its fans are as strong as Turkishs. It's true, you are the best in Spain, I love you Deportivo.

Galatasaray Fan ultrAslan Can

9. ARIS & NIKOS -- Xanthi, Greece

We are Fans of the team that plays the greatest Football in the world.There is no other reason why we chose la Coruna .Valeron, Tristan, Makaay and all the other guys are players with great imagination and make Depor's matches very spectacular.We are from Greece,a country where football teams are awful apart from some few exceptions.Therefore,we are only La Corunas Fans all through.

10. IVAN -- A Coruna, Spain

TRANSLATED: First of all, hello to everybody and Forza Depor. Deportivo is an ENTITY, with capital letters. It is a great team that can win everything, because this team can face everybody, as they have proved. It's true that sometimes, they pass through difficulties, but we have to be with the team always. There are also good moments, excellent moments that reward all the suffering.

(Now I remember this Riazor Blues song:How can I forget, that Deportivo won the Liga, how can I forget, it was the best it happened in my life). My heart is white and blue, I'm a real Deportivo supporter, but we have to think in an objective way and see that football is one of the many sports, and here is where I find the magic -- in this Super Depor and football, this identification with your colours, this passion and great moments that allow us to forget the routine and the hard reality and enjoy Molina's good saves, Tristan's genius and Makaay's goals. Thanks Depor for this and more.

ORIGINAL: Lo primero hola a todos y Forza Depor.Mejor voy a escribir en español que asi podre expresar mejor parte de lo q siento por esta ENTIDAD con mayusculas.Es un gran equipo puede ganarlo todo, pues este equipo es suficiente para enfrentarse a cualquiera como ya lo han demostrado.Cierto es tambien que hay momentos malos, hay que estar con el equipo en todo momento, pero tambien los hay buenos, que digo buenos, muy buenos que compensan todo sufrimiento

(ahora recuerdo esa cancion de los RB: como me voy a olvidar que el Deportivo gano la liga... como me voy a olvidar si es lo mejor que me paso en la vida).Mi corazon en blanquiazul, Deportivista hasta la medula, sin embargo hay que pensar objetivamente y ver que el futbol es un deporte mas, el Depor otro equipo mas, y aqui es donde se encuentra la magia de este Super Depor y del futbol, esa identificancion con unos colores, esa pasion y esos grandes momentos que nos hacen evadirnos de la dura realidad de cada dia y disfru tar con las paradas de Molina, los pases de Valeron, las genialidades de Tristan y los goles de Makaay. Por todo esto y mucho mas. Gracias Depor.

11. TASO -- Thessaloniki, Greece

I have been watching spanish football for years -as it is the most advanced and techical in europe-. By that i could only come to one conlusion: deportivo la coruna is a team to be loved, not only for its great players with a tremendous imagination, the incredible fans and the great riazor, the fact that it doesnt give up any match and can turn every score up but for galician great people also.

Having in mind that la coruna is not so much popular in Greece (become a little popular after its Champions League successes) and that we're almost barcelona's fan ocuppied country(!) it is more than necceddary to create Thessaloniki's, or Northern Greece, Depor Fan Club. Please inform me how we can do it and what kind of support we can get. Forza Super Depor! Blanco y Azzuro!

12. SCOTT COLLINS -- East Kilbride, Scotland, UK

I have been a Depor fan for a number of years now and even though they are one of the top teams in Europe they still don't get the recognition they deserve.

I hate it when people say they are underachievers even though they have finished runner up in the league for the past two years and won it the previous year. Also Depor have won Two Spanish cups and three Super Copas but still people continue to go on about Real Madrid and Barcelona. Depor have only been in the First Division for about 14 years so i would call them over achievers.

Depor also play great football which has worked so effectively in the past four years. The victory over Real in the copa del rey was special for me as they completely desroyed the supposedly best team in the world. They also consistanly severely beat up real and barca at home which makes me laugh very hard at there pathetic teams.

Valeron, makaay, tristan, sergio, m.pablo, m.silva and fran are all underated come on depor win the title and beat scummy real madrid.

13. GORKA -- Myslenice, Poland

I want to congrarulate Depor for their success in the last three years. I have been a fan of Depor since 1997.Here where i live there aren't any Depor fans.But at least everyone knows Deportivo La Coruna. Few years ago nobody knows Deportivo and now this has changed.I always will love Deportivo La Coruna and because they are playing the most beautiful and imaginative football in the world.I believe that Depor will win Primera Division and win the Champions League trophy at last.

14. KENJI -- Baia Mare, Romania

I am a Depor fan from Romania. My name is Paul Sas a.k.a. kenji.In my town there aren't any Depor fans. Only my friends are close to this team because I've told them a lot of things about Depor. I love this team. I hate Real Madrid and As Roma. I have 3 shirts with Makaay,Tristan and Fran. When I go to play football everyone laughs when they see my shirts, but I know that Depor would win "La Liga"and I will be the happiest man from the Earth. I practice handball, and I wanna know if there is any handball team in A Coruna. I love this Team and i hope that people from my country would realise that DEPORTIVO-LA-CORUNA IS THE BEST TEAM FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.

15. FERNANDO -- London, England

Hi to all Deportivo fans all over the world.I`ve been a Depor fan from a very young age.My father was the man that created la pena super depor in london. From the day we beat Murcia 2-0 to come up to la primera i was hooked and then the big names started to arrive Fran,Djukic,Mauro Silva,Aldana,Claudio,Alfredo,God(sorry)Bebeto. It was like a dreamteam. Lendoiro has been awesome from day one. I watch them every week at el Centro Gallego and i`m yet to miss a game in the uk.It`s great to see so many Deportivo fans all over the world FORZA DEPOR Y VIVA GALICIA.

16. RUPPS -- Madrid/A Coruña, Spain

Hey Depor fans worldwide! I just found this website surfin' around, and hey... Thousand times better than the official, spanish page. Impressive job these guys are doing! Thank you for it!

About Depor, I'd say it's just great for an area like Coruña, with less than half a million inhabitants, to have this club aiming so high, fighting and even beating real madrid, barcelona, Man UTD, Bayern ... you know, the teams for the big european capitals. It's just cool.

I would like to say a big FORZA DEPOR to you all, around the world, and I hope to sing it higher in some weeks, having beaten Real Madrid and Real Sociedad. Then I'll head to Cuatro Caminos Square (the typical fountain Deportivo supporters meet at when there's something to celebrate) and have a BIG drench.

17. G -- Hungary

The question is, why do I like depor?

Or why do I like a poor team that beats other teams with the thickest wallets in the entire world?

Or why do I like small team that keeps on knocking out other teams that are filled with names that are biblical in terms of football?

Or why do I like a technical team that fools around in the opponents penalty area making 5-10 passes 3-4 meters from the goal, ridiculing them before scoring?

Or even, why do i like a team that has some of the most of under-rated players in the world, becouse of idiots that don't like this team?

Well I don't know why.... but, here is another question: why would anyone not like Depor?

18. ANDREI V. -- Voronezh, Russia

Hi, everybody and FORZA DEPOR !!! It's so great to see here other fans of my favourite blue-white team! First of all,several words about myself. My name is Andrei V. I'm from russian town Voronezh. It's approximately 500 km far from Moscow to south. I'm 20 years old and I study at State Medical Academy.

Deportivo isn't very popular club in my country. There are no fans of Depor among my friends and mates. That's why sometimes I feel myself lonely. But this website brings the warmth into my soul.

As everywhere there are many fans of great clubs in Russia. For example Inter, AC Milan, Man.Utd, Bayern Munchen, Juventus and, of course, Real Madrid and Barcelona. But I hate most of these famous clubs, especially Juve.

.It was more than a year ago, when Depor was in one group with Juventus in CL. One mate of mine was Juve fan. He was very proud of it and he said that Depor is sucks. I said the same about Juventus to him. Then we decided to bet. Although the price was the can of beer, first of all, it was on principle. The time of the battle was nearer and nearer. Juventus was crashed by blue-white squad, italians were put down on there knees. The final score wasn't large (2-0), but what a great feeling I senced when Juve was "crumbled", its players couldn't do anything. On a next morning my "friend" said nothing. The game showed all. The can of beer was given to me later.

I was very proud of myself and of blue-white warriors. I became a fan of Deportivo in 2000 when Depor became a champion. Then the CL season took place. Exactly in CL I saw Depor at first. I was amazed by Depor's super style of playing under wise leadership of Javier Irureta and I understood that Deportivo is MY club. I have a dream: to meet with other Depor fans from all over the world in the most wonderful and sacred place on Earth- in La Coruna!!! .Someday.

19. ANDREW -- Cardiff, Wales

I started following Depor about ten years ago, and it soon became an obsession. The idea of an unfashionable provincial team suddenly rising to become one of the big boys in the world's greatest league is irresistible!

Here in the UK, I can at least see a lot of Depor on TV. One satellite channel shows two live Spanish games every week, and Depor appear most weeks. The team is still underappreciated, but at last I can at last buy a replica shirt in Cardiff! Actually, I've seen a few Depor shirts worn around town lately, so we're growing in popularity - unfortunately, there are many more Real Madrid and Barcelona shirts about.

Anyway, it's wonderful to see the team playing great football at the moment. All the team play with lots of pride, and Valerón is surely the best midfielder in the world today. Fingers crossed for a second championship this year!

20. DEPOR_VIN -- London, England

I started liking Depor near the end of '99 when i watched them play on Sky Sports. I loved their style of play so much that soon i was watching them more or less every time they were on Sky Sports. I seemed to be on some kinda drug! lol Then later they won La Liga and I was thinking ''Wow this club is class!''. But it seemed they were not getting any recognision.

I looked in forums on the Internet and still people said it was just ''Luck'' and not quality.Even in computer games following thier championship triumph they were still very lowly rated and some of the players of Depor in the game(s)were even missing. Yea great research! But All Champions are true champions arn't they? What was everyones problem? The fact was that the media was more interested Barca and Real. The Spanish papers always wanted Real,Barca or perhaps Valencia to win La Liga - Not a Galician club! But Oh No Depor did! Somone DIFFERENT won it. Tragedy! It made me mad and sad at the same time and I vowed then to become a supporter of Depor.'

'To live in England is to support an English team'' That is what somone said to me once.But why? Is it against the law to do so? Not at all!! So I started off by first making my admiration into something more real -supporting them! First I looked them up on the Internet.After searching on I found: The site that was going to provide me with all my info and start me properly supporting Depor. I found out so much and to my suprise at the time I still liked Depor. I was thinking that I might find out something outragous about Depor them I wouldn't like - but no.My admiration grew bigger and soon I knew every player and everything.

As the current season then went on Depor got better and better people started realising what they are all about. Currently(2003)tho; still people underestimate Depor which makes me angry but then thaz to thier own fault as Bayern Munich found out in the Champions League season 2002-2 003!My admiration for Depor and my Love is always getting bigger.

I haven't been to a Depor match yet but I soon to asap. I might even choose to live in Spain maybe thanks to Deportivo De La Couna. Depor will get bigger and bigger - The 'little' Galician club is rising!:) Forza Depor!

21. NOOKIE -- Romania

Hey. I come from a country where are a lot of talents but poor performance so I have to watch foreign leagues. I love Deportivo because it plays always for the people, it is a GREAT show. It beats gigantic teams like Real or Barca without spending huge amounts of money. It is a team built on team spirit and hard work. So I want to send this message to everybody: "Watch Depor and enjoy because there is no other better sensation given by football as this!"


Great job on the web site Leon and the rest of the team. I am very proud of our team and the giant strides that the club has taken in the last 12 years or so. It feals as if a life time has passed since my school days, the days were friends would be talking about el Madrid y El Barca, when ever I metioned Depor... Who? would be the normal response. Now my friends are sick of me reminiscing on those days. Thanks to a great mind like senor Cesar Lendoiro, I'm sure my daughter will enjoy and suffer as much as I have, do and always will. Forza Depor 4 ever.

23. BAGSIE -- Vaasa, Finland

I was watching football on TV with my friend who is a Barca fan. Telly was showing some UCL-matches. Other was Barca's match that was coming live and other was short glimpses from Deportivo's match. My friend was trying to brainwash me to support Barca - that was actually playing really badly. I was pretty new then with football and didn't have my favourite decided. Diego Tristan was playing brilliantly! All I did was to wait that something happened in Deportivo's game so they should show it while Barca's team continued doing nothing. I was so impressed about that this team was practically "nobodies" and they kicked ass! Way better than worldclass Barca that evening. That was when i decided to start follow Depor, and have not been disappointed. I'm now looking up to see Depor at Nou Camp with that my barca fan friend. Hope depor will kick their asses.

24. EMILY -- London, England

First of all, u probably think this is weird, a girl liking football, that doesnt usually happen, does it? Well i'm one of those girls!

Depor became my special interest when I first visited A coruna in 1997. My Dad was born in Coruna and was the one who introduced me to this AMAZING team. I've been to nearly every Terresa Herrera cup since 1997 and have made sure I have known the result of evry league match going.

I'm glad to know that there are many otha Depor fans in England and Forza Depor y Viva Galicia! By the way, If ur wondering I play pretty good football myself and I do know what the offside rule is.

Good luck depor on the forthcoming league!!!

25. PETER Mc WILLIAMS -- Belfast, Northern Ireland

I became a Depor. fan about ten years ago. My wife and I were on a cycling holiday through Cantabria,Asturias and Galicia. Tough going but wonderful people,food and beer! I had to visit football grounds in all the major towns we visited, needless to say Deportivo was by far the most impressive setting and since then I have followed the team religiously.

keep it going Deportivo and I hope to get across to see a home game soon.By the way my wife became a Sporting Gijon fan (foolish girl)

Come on fans of Spanish football. There must be more Deportivo supporters from Northern Ireland. European Cup this year, No problem!

26. JEFFREY C. JOHNSON -- A Coruña, Spain

My reasons for loving Deportivo are extremely simple. Just by watching their games every week, I have grown into a huge fan of the SPORT of football and therefore the team that has changed my heart into a warm footy hungry "socio" at the Riazor. They are the epitome of a team in any sport.

I grew up in the states, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. I have always been a huge sports fan, especially baseball. I make my home and living in La Coruña. I did not like this sport at all when I arrived but I am now addicted to this website and this sport. Deportivo really plays wonderfully well as a team and every team in all sports always has a special defining collective personality.

Seeing the faces of joy on the faces of the players in 2000 when we won the league after nearly 100 years of waiting and "suffering" was so special. I used to live on Calle Fernandez Latorre and my father was here from Seattle. I had to play a concert, huge bummer, in the Palacio that night when Depor won against Espanyol but my father went to his first and only game of football that night. The party of parties commenced to flow right by my front door as literally thousands marched and sang their way down to the fountain at Cuatro Caminos. It was awesome!! I joined my father in the crowd to see the bus with the players dancing and celebrating, victory cigars in hand! I had lived in Chigago when the Bulls won titles, San Francisco when the 49ers won and Seattle when the Sonics won but nothing will ever compare to this moment in sports for me. Forza Depor!!

 27. SANTIAGO -- London, England

As in nearly every country in Europe, Deportivo are considered here to be one of the "smaller" teams in Spain, that are beginning to get recognised. The 2 victories over Man Utd and Arsenal 2 seasons ago, earned them fame, and gained many supporters, but true Depor aficionados will know the true story. How their greatest team, SuperDepor of the early 90s grew from the lowly 2nd division side to the most successful domestic side of the last few years.

I am a depor fan in and out,and the team of the likes of Bebeto and Liano will always stand out.

Nowadays, they are a brilliant side always competing for the top prizes in football, and they are one of the best teams in the world. FORZA DEPOR!

28. ALVARO -- A Coruna, Spain

Have lived in london over 15 years but born in galiza and will always be gallego.

Lived through great times with depor (liga win) as well as the bad (Djukic,1994) but one thing is for sure, Depor are going places. But the one thing that really gets me is how people always say that Depor are a small team, we have to stop thinking in this manner, this will only slow our progress. Battling for the League as well as the Champions league every season shows that we are no longer a small team. We have many internationals that we could only have dreamed of having a few years ago.

We are only small in our minds, not our hearts, so it is time to bigup the SUPER DEPOR crew, and make history...

As Fran said: "Eu quero que este ano se fale galego en Europa!!!!"

29. FATIH -- Eskisehir, Turkey

I just have to say that it is an honor for me to be a Depor supporter. Even though I live in Turkey, there is only one reason that forced me to be a supporter of this team; turkish flags at the riazor stadium. Only one thing to say; Riazor Blues are always our brothers...

30. AJAX -- Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I'm from Amsterdam, so it's clear my first club is and will always be: Ajax. In every country I do have clubs that I follow by results. England: Manchester United & Tottenham Hotspur Italy: Juventus and Chievo And in Spain, one and only Deportivo La Coruna. I don't know how exactly I became fan of it. I think since it became champion in 2000, and of course because of Roy Makaay. I also admire depor so much, because La Coruna, such a small town, can provide such a mighty club. And I really like the combination of blue and white :-). I really seem to be the only fan in Holland of deportivo. Many others are fan of Real Madrid (blergh) and Barcelona. I really hate Madrid, I just hate a composion of star-players. Madrid is strong because it has money, Depor is just strong. Same story with Barcelona, I just don't like the players there. So all what's left of champion-teams are depor and Valencia. I don't have anything with Valencia (although I like it better than Madrid or Bara), so all what's left is Depor. FORZA DEPOR!!

31. ZSOLT -- Romania & Hungary

Hi! I'm a guy from Deva(Romania), but I'm hungarian, and I also study in Hungary. All my classmates know that I'm a big, that means tat verrry BIG fan! I always yell DEPORTVO or one name of my favorite players, when I shoot a goal! I'm checking this site evry week to see whtt's new about Depor... But I write this message only now! It's not so easy... you know, everything that I wanted to write it was written before. I consider my self a Depor fan form 2000. My parents visited La Coruna that year, and I saw Depor the first time! If I remember well Depotivo was in the best 8 of the Campion League. The romanian commentator said that Depor shoud win the trophy... becouse they play the moast beautiful football!!! Spanish football is beautiful!!! The Primera division is the primera in Europe(I mean the strongenst)!!! And Depor is a "poor" team. But they play a werry B E A U T I F U L football!!! It's a plesaure to watch!!!:) That's Why I like depor!!! Benga Depor!!! Put life in your football, becosuse you don't show everything you know... the game of depor is far not the best(in the last time)... I hope they'll find out a way to let all the talent out of them!!! Good luck I watch all the Depor matches I can

32. FREEK -- Huizen, The Netherlands

well I'm Freek and 16 years old. Live in Huizen, a small city close to Amsterdam. My father is a Ajax fan, and so am I. A few years ago the intrest for the international soccer came. I saw the name Deportivo la Coruna, and I was suprised, never heard of them before.

Started to follow the a bit... Then came the match Arsenal-Deportivo. It was really wonderful, still enjoy that goal of Valern. After that i became a true fan, and learned much about the club history and cultur. Something just attracts...!

Like Leon said, it is hard to be a fan in Holland, you almost never hear the word Depor, only Depor-(...) 2-1 won and that's it. Real and Barca get all the attention. This site helps me much, and I'm very happy with it!

33. SHAKA -- Zurich, Switzerland

I'm a big DEPOR fan since I can think. Here in Switzerland, a friend of mine and me are the only fans I know. The most people like real madrid or barcelona, because they're maybe more well-known as DEPOR. I think I was 5 years old or so, when I became a fan. I like that DEPOR is a team, maybe they haven't got that much stars, but they know each other and they're always in the top 5 of Spain. Here, the most people say that DEPOR is a small team without stars. But for me, DEPOR is the team which has a spirit, its players play for DEPOR, and that's important.

34. JUREK -- Warsaw, Poland

My name is Jurek. I'm Deportivo fan with my uncle. In my school nobody else is a Deportivo fan. My friend didnt now much about Depor. They are fans of Real Madrid. I hate Real Madrid. In this team are very good players like zidane and ronaldo. But I think that when zidane and all stars from real madrid end their career, real will be a very bed team. When I began to be a fan of Depor in 2000 I didnt now that in this season Depor has win "la liga". But now I want to congratulate Deportivo for all their success in last 4 years. I think that Depor will win the Uefa champions league, and "la liga" in this season. I believe that Depor will be the best team in club in the world. DEPOR WE LOVE YOU!!!

35. MICHAEL CORTES -- London, England

How great is it these days is to be able to hear and see so much about Depor and spanish football?! I've been supporting Depor since I was very young, when my father first introduced me to the team where my family come from. That was when I was eight - I'm now twenty-three and ever since I've been hooked! My grandfather also played for Depor's B team 'Fabril' in the 40s and 50s. Being a Depor fan in England has changed. Firstly, you don't get asked 'who are they?' and you can watch pretty much most of our games. Before you'd have to phone home to ask what was the result and then have the newspaper clippings sent here! (About two weeks later!!) For me being a Depor fan means supporting the team from A Coruna, and being proud to be galego. The greatest moment was when we won the copa del rey for the first time - only wish I had made it to Cuatro Caminos!!! (La liga was a close second!) Favourite player? Has to be Fran for me. I wish Depor all the luck for this coming season FORZA DEPOR E VIVA GALIZA!!