Fans - Asia

1. DREAM FUSION -- Singapore

I first heard about Depor when they defeated ManU home and away in the 2001/02 Champions League.

Depor's fan base is virtually non-existent in this former English colony. Most football fans here who like Depor (a rarity) generally like another team (usually an English club) more. So far I have only spotted two other people in town wearing a Depor shirt, which is no surprise because Depor shirts are rarely sold in local stores.

Local TV sometimes shows live Depor CL matches (in the wee hours of the morning) on free channels, especially when they are playing English sides or it is the "match of the week" (like Depor-Bayern). Cable TV also features one or two Liga matches per week, so there is no guarantee of Depor footage. The papers (serious and tabloid alike) are full of EPL news or news from the perspective of English teams, because that's generally what the people want to read. Sometimes you get the feeling that you're outnumbered, especially if Depor is your #1 team and you live in an English stronghold.

Sometimes I can't help but think that Depor supporters are a majority only in A Coruña. However, things may change if Depor wins a big prize like the CL or the Liga more often... it'll take time.

Still, that's no hindrance to my avid support because Depor's style of play intrigues me greatly. They are team-oriented without highly-paid, "ready-made" superstars. Players who join their ranks BECOME superstars as a result of their Depor career. Perhaps that's another reason why they deserve to be called "SuperDepor".

2. M0m0t4r0 --Jakarta, Indonesia

Firstly, I like depor because Valerón is playing there. I like Valerón when I found him playing for Spain in the world cup. but now I really like depor. depor is a team with a solid coordination and I like the way they play football, very clear.

3. SIMON -- Taipei, Taiwan

In fact, football is not popular in Taiwan, so Depor's fans here are rare . My friends only know Man U & Beckham if I ask them how much they know about football.

I love Deportivo because i can totally feel excited, happy, nervous, or disappointed toward the process & result of games they play. But information about Deportivo is very hard to get in Taiwan, and thanks to this site makes me keep contact with Deportivo.

4. DANNROR -- Singapore

Hey I like Deportivo because of Valerón when i watched him in the Spain squad in world cup. He attract my attention cause i find that his skill is not bad, a very good player too. From there i started to know this club.

5. DIPANKAR -- Calcutta, India

since i saw the thrilling draw against real madrid (2-2) in 2000-2001 season ...i become a fan.

i wonder how beautifully they can play ....its feels like i got everything in the world.

however INDIA might not be a recognized footballing nation...
but believe me there are crazy fans
supporting LIGA teams than EPL.
i think..any one who kicked the ball once realize spain is the better place for soccer.

Lastly ...i have to say with absense of Djalminha DEPO lost its
flair, specially with injury to Valeron.
So its a request from a fan overseas.....will u plz bring him back ?????

 6. NAZIK ABU ZAID -- Amman, Jordan

I live in jordan and I love football very much, my favourite team in the world is deportivo, I love the way they play,and I love the players such as Makaay, Tristan, Naybet,and sergio, here in jordan we see the spanish league and the national league every saturday and sunday, it is a very interesting league.

7. BAO YI CHEN -- PR China

i knew Depor since 1994,because my favourite player Bebeto was in Depor squad.In China, we have lots of Real madrid fans and Barca fans, but my favourite club is Depor,Depor plays attractive game. i support Depor nearly 9 years.what i wannt say to Depor is :i will always being your side,my beloved Deportivo!!

8. BUDHINUGROHO -- Central Java, Indonesia

I like depor when beats Manchester united in champions league some years ago ,depor was shown attractive plays,and I love depor So much ,my favorite man in depor is "javier irureta"

I have good idea ,to "Superdepor" future ,Thats maybe want be great think if super depor looking for young player from Asia ,that's make balance Asian football and europe football, and if posible depor can looking for player in Indonesia Thank's for all super depor fans around of the world bravo Super Depor

9. KELVIN -- Singapore

I first noticed Deportivo last season when they beat Man United at Old Trafford. I thought Diego Tristan was fantastic that night and since then i have started to like Depor.

Depor particularly impresses me with their unique and creative set plays as well as their excellent coordination. Their attack is fluent and they have 3 good strikers with excellent shots - Makaay, Tristan and Luque.

10. SANIPON -- Bangkok, Thailand

I never heard of Deportivo La Coruna until they got their first Liga title in 2000. I'm impressed about the team itself. With almost no superstars, they made it to Champions Leauge, and topping the league table at the same time.

I watched them play both in La Liga and Champions League, and with their art of football, I became their dominant fan. Diego Tristan and Roy Makaay, the goal scoring machine is definitely world-class. And it's even better with the support of Valreron and Fran. The tactic 4-2-3-1 (which i considered to be a killer tactic) also catches my attention. I believed that this tactic plus Iruretas' players lineup helped contribute to their success.

In Bangkok, premier league is the most popular, Serie A, then La Liga. It's like a dream for me to see Thai people wearing super Depor shirts, because i guess i am the only one right now, and maybe some of my friends. Eventually, i believe that there will be more depor fans in Thailand when Deportivo wins the Champions League title.

 11. DANG CHI MINH HUAN -- Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

My country is a wonderful land of football. Our children have played football since they know how to walk. We play football wherever we can, on the rice-fields, on the riversides, on the sand-grounds...even on the streets. Our favourite TV program is surely football.

I've been a DEPOR fan for years since the days they made many marvellous plays like beating up PSG with 4 goals after being down by 3 in the Champions League. There are many teams that play good football but only DEPOR plays football beautifully. DEPOR football is what i call the art of football. Wish we DEPOR fans will see our beloved team gaining more success. HAPPINESS to all of us!

 12. PLATO CHAN -- Hong Kong, China

I came to know Depor back in Bebeto's years. My first impression was that the name was a bit long but it was capable of doing some great. Rather coincidentally, my Spanish teacher at the university also came from Galicia and I knew a bit more about a Coruna in general.

I then followed the team more and was very impressed when I saw on the TV with Djalminha dribbling with great skills. And more and more impressive matches came, like the 4-3 came back against PSG, victory against ManUtd., Arsenal, etc. For players, I especially like Valeron, Makaay (though he has left) and Luque. But when you look at the squad, you can see the depth of this team --- in every position, the coach can have several quality players to choose from!!

In Hong Kong, English football has dominated for long but now Spanish football is getting much more attention. There is live Spanish football every week now. Like in other places, Barca and Real Madrid are most supported Spanish team, followed by Valencia and Depor. But Depor fans in Hong Kong are still the minority, and very occasionally you will have Depor match in live on TV. One of my dreams will be to go to Riazor to watch a masterful performance from this great team!

 13. CRAZY LAKE -- China

First of all,Thanks to guys in the web site, I find ultimately my bosom friends here.

I pay attention to depor because of Djalminha,then i begin to see depor's matches.I still remember the match Arsenal vs depor in wee hours.It really shocked me,depor played so perfectly,Its passion,skill,impressed me drastically.Since then on, I become a fanatical supportor of depor and valeron,i won't miss any match even any goal of depor i can see in china.

Frankly, it's so amusing to be a depor's supporter surrounded by the fans of Real mardrid,Baca,Man U,Arsenal....,but I still believe depor is the best team in the world!!! forza depor!

14. AHMAD FIRDAUS -- Shah Alam, Malaysia

the moment that brought me to become a depor fans when i saw the match depor against man u (CL) back in 2001 and depor beated them home and away at the grouping stage. depor play a good and simple football with grounder and short passes, ball possession. that impresses me much!. also the combination valeron-tristan (2001) and valeron-makaay (2002) were the bomb. another match that i could not forget is against bayern munich at their home ground and depor won 3-2. valeron is the man on that match with his superb skills and understands well the movement of makaay. but since makaay has left depor, it means that they should work harder and perhaps that in europe depor will do well, semifinals maybe?. keep on working guys! we the fans will keep on supporting whenever ure all up and down!