Fans - Central & South America

1. CAABREGO -- San Salvador, El Salvador

Salutes from Central America. Here spanish football is very followed by the fans. Sadly most people support Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia there are only a few who support Deportivo.

The thing that makes me a fan of the "SuperDepor" is that this was a small and poor team in second division but with the hard work of the people of A Coruña and little by little it is becoming bigger and more prestigious, in the team there are no stars because everyone is important, the hard work and the humble get my heart and know I am Depor fan forever.

2. RAFAEL -- Taubate, Brazil

Here in Brazil, Deportivo had some media exposure when players like Bebeto, Rivaldo or Djalminha had played there. At these times, Deportivo turned my favourite team outside my home country. But now is so difficult to get a Deportivo match on TV here. In other hand, almost every Real Madrid game is broadcasted, seems like that is the only team in Spain.

Despite this, I think that Depor will be conquer the Liga by second time and repeat 99/00. And It will be a great hit on the Real Madrid pseudo-supporters here in Brazil. Why do we need Ronaldo or Zidane, if we have Makaay and Tristán ! Go, go, Depor. !!!Vamos a ganar todos los partidos!!!