Editorial - Oct 9/2008

By caabrego

Thursday 9th October, 2008. Six games in liga and other four in the UEFA cup, that’s the resume of Depor’s participation made so far during the season 2008/2009. Ten games in which is possible to extract the first conclusions. In my opinion there are more positive news than negative ones.

I think we all felt like living in a roller coaster within the last weeks. We passed from been enthusiastic after eliminating Bnei Shakin in Intertoto and after the first liga win over Real Madrid, to be highly worried after the defeat with Brann, the four straight matches without scoring and specially by the defeat with Valencia. But everything returned to �normal’ in just three days, first with the qualification to the UEFA group stage and later with the win over Numancia.

So, what’s going on? Should we be worried? Will we live a similar situation to what happened on the past season? Those are the main inquires at the fans’ minds. In my opinion the answer to the last two questions is a big NO. Because this is a much mature Deportivo, a team that despite the casualties of Wilhelmsson and Xisco, it possesses the needed resources to resolve the games, tough it isn’t scoring so often right now. Besides I think defence hasn’t lost its solidity despite the exit of Coloccini.

Therefore I think that Depor will not have problems on the present season in order to clinch the permanence, and I also think that we have enough chances to at least reach the round of 32 in the UEFA Cup. If we can aspire to bigger goals or not will depend in what Lotina can do to increase the effect of the stronger points showed so far, and also in what the Basque can do in order to reduce the influence of Depor’s weakest points. So let’s make a quick review of both aspects.

Definitely, the bad news on this season are the same old bad news of recent years: the lack of goals. No matter the arrivals of Mista and Omar Bravo, it seems that Depor will continue to suffer in order to score the goals. So far only five after six matches. Too little if you want to end between the top six places, something that Lotina was targeting as the goal of the season during a recent interview.

There have been several explanations about what’s happening with this matter, but I think one of the most complete analyses has been presented in our news section. No matter the reasons for this behaviour, it’s evident that Lotina needs to start correcting several errors, because to depend of the penalty shoot-out is a coin toss that will not always save the day.

But for me, the most worrying thing was the lack if intensity witnessed in the visit to Mestalla, especially during the second half. Like all of you, I was feeling embarrassed for what I was watching, a soulless team that didn’t know what to do against a â€?killer locomotive’ like Valencia was. I know many of you would think this was just an accident, but the game left in me the impression that this Depor still missing a true leader on the pitch, someone with the spirit to pull the squad in the darkest hour, the â€?Coloccini’ that we no longer have. I am afraid we don’t have that man aboard, so Lotina must find the way to keep the motivation without having this figure on.  

I think the most pleasant thing on this season is that we finally are recovering the �Riazor’s effect’. So far Depor has played six official matches at home (three in liga, two in UEFA and one in Intertoto) and the results are impressive: four wins, two draws and only one goal allowed.

I know this is just the beginning, but it’s a light at the end of the tunnel after all the problems lived during Caparr??s’ era and during Lotina’s first year at Deportivo. It seems that finally, the squad is feeling comfortable at home as it’s clinching the results at the Riazor, no matter it’s a pyrrhic 1-0 victory like the one achieved over Numancia. That’s a very important thing in order to have a positive season, especially if you are playing a European competition consisting in two-leg series.

Another thing to emphasise is that defence continues to be solid, no matter the exit of Coloccini and despite the four goals allowed at Mestalla. The night against Valencia was terrible, but it should be appointed that those four goals represent the 67% of the total goals received in the first six matchdays. Besides, the team has already achieved three clean sheets in liga (the 50% of the matches), and another four in Europe (from a total of six games played between Intertoto and UEFA).