Editorial - Feb 04/2009

By caabrego 

 Wednesday 4th February, 2009. In my previous editorial, I was anticipating that January would dictate the expectations that we, the fans, should have about this season’s Deportivo. Well, it seems I was partially wrong, because we lost almost all the matches disputed in the month, but we still alive in la liga, although the squad was eliminated from Copa. What happened is that I didn’t foresee another factor: the problems at the rivals.

January was a very negative month for Deportivo, the squad of Miguel Angel Lotina played six official matches in the period, four in liga and two in Copa, and the results were clear: only one triumph and five defeats. No matter Depor faced teams considered �giants’ as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla, it must be said the results were disappointing, especially if the reader was one of those optimistic fans who were hoping for more.

Despite the elimination in Copa Del Rey in the hands of Sevilla FC (again humiliated by them as it occurred two years ago), the chances in liga remained intact, and it’s that Deportivo ended January at the same distance from the UEFA zone comparing the situation with the start of the month: two points.

And this weird scenario has a simple explanation: the poor form of Deportivo’s direct rivals. Without counting the impressive run of Barcelona FC and the resurrection of Real Madrid FC after the arrival of Juande Ramos, the rest of teams wishing to end the liga campaign in a European spot are falling down like poisoned flies.

Just check the latest results of the teams currently occupying the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th place in the Spanish liga. The following table presents the number of points and the scoring records of those teams within the last five liga games, in other words their behaviour since the year 2009 started.






5 - 5



12 - 12



6 - 6



6 - 10



6 - 10

The illustration shows up that none of the clubs between the 3rd and the 7th spot have won more than the 50% of the points in dispute, and that none of them have scored more goals than the ones that were allowed. Just a simple demonstration of the poor form experienced by the â€?candidates’ to the European positions. Poor form that already cost the job to Javier Aguirre at Atl?©tico de Madrid.

Therefore, it should not be a surprise to see Deportivo at the sixth place after last Sunday’s victory over Villarreal, this no matter Depor was coming after three straight losses in liga. These were the best news during a month in which the lights were off for Los Blanquiazules: the European aspirations are for real and are more alive than never before.

But Depor cannot be too confident, because any –or all- of these �giants’ could awake at any second, so Lotina’s players should realise the best thing is to take advantage of the moment and climb some positions before any reaction could take place, this if they want to remain in a European position. Because let’s face it, the speech of the permanence is no longer valid. Depor only needs ten more points to secure the continuity at Primera Divisi??n -43 should be enough- and to target ten points in the last seventeen matchdays is not worthy for a professional in the world of football.

The clashes against Osasuna and RCD Mallorca could be the first steps to consolidate the position in the table, without mentioning the crucial meeting with Valencia FC at the end of the month, game that will be played at the Riazor, the fortress of Deportivo on the current season.