Player of the year - season 2008/2009


June 4th, 2009. Daniel Aranzubia has been chosen as the player of the season 2008/2009; he was also selected as the best new signing during the campaign. Meanwhile, Guardado clinched his second straight best young player (U-23) at Depor's squad. peña members elect each season the best player, the best newcomer and the best young player (U-23) at Depor's squad. For the season that has just ended, Daniel Aranzubia has won the award of player of the year and also the one for best newcomer, while the best young award went to Andrés Guardado. Aranzubia was as solid reference at Deportivo's defence, while Guardado continued to be an important piece in attack.

The procedure used is very simple: Each peña member awarded the three best Depor's players in every official match (liga & Copa) with the options of 5, 3 or 1 point according to their performance. The totals of each match were added and the best three players on each game were awarded with 5, 3 or 1 point. The totals were accumulated and the winners resulted to be the players with the higher number of points according to the three categories

It was the season 2007/2008, the career of Daniel Aranzubia seemed to be ending after Joaquin Caparrós preferred to sign a veteran coming from Segunda, Armando, in order to replace injured Gorka Iraizoz. But a light at the end of the tunnel appeared, and that light had a name: Miguel Angel Lotina.

Because it was the Basque coach who pushed strongly for his signing, he knew that Aranzubia was able to yield more, and no matter the doubts of the fans, Daniel arrived to take a starting role at Deportivo. And the results came quickly, because he demonstrated to be a different man compared to the grey keeper saw at Athletic Bilbao.

He became the hero in the penalty shootout against Brann Bergen, he committed some mistakes, but in a general sense his performance was always solid. In la liga he stopped three penalties, one of them against Caparrós' Athletic, and accumulated the impressive mark of  138 saves in la liga tournament, number that put him as the second place in this department at Primera División, just under Espanyol's Kameni (141 saves).

Aranzubia was highly appreciated by the fans since his arrival, something always demonstrated in the votes for the man of the match (MOM). Totally, he clinched 10 MOM's on the season and also 3 POM's (player of the month award). The Basque and Guardado competed for the title until the end, but in the last month, Dani clinched 3 of 4 possible MOM's, reason why he is now claiming a spot in the history of Deportivo as the player of the season 08/09 and also as the best newcomer of the campaign.

For the second straight time, Andrés Guardado is clinching the best young player (U-23) award at The Mexican clinched 9 MOM's and 3 POM's during his second season at Deportivo, all thanks to his offensive contribution to the squad.

The ex-Atlas young player only scored twice during the season, but his contribution to the group remained important, he was the second player at the squad with more attempts to score (59) and the most important thing: he was the main assistor with 8 assists in liga and 10 in all the competitions. The number of assists in la liga represents the 6th highest mark at Primera División.

The final table of points for the season 2008/2009:

1st. Aranzubia - 69 pts  

2nd. Guardado - 61 pts 

3rd. Lafita - 51 pts 

4th. Filipe - 37 pts 

5th. Valeron - 35 pts 

6th. Bodipo - 26 pts 

7th. Verdu - 21 pts 

8th. Pablo Alvarez - 20 pts 

9th. Sergio - 16 pts 

10th. De Guzman - 14 pts 

11th. Manuel Pablo - 13 pts 

11th. Riki - 13 pts

12th. Ze Castro - 11 pts

12th. Rodriguez - 11 pts 

13th. Lassad - 9 pts 

13th. Laure - 9 pts

14th. Colotto - 8 pts 

15th. Lopo - 5 pts 

16th. Bravo - 1 pt