Profiles - Lux

Squad number 2015/16: 1
Date of Birth: June 7th 1982
City of Birth: Carcarañá (Santa Fe), Argentina (he has an Italian passport)
Nationality: Argentinean (international between 2004 & 2005)
Contract: 2011 - 2016
Transfer: Free Transfer (2011, from RCD Mallorca)
Career: Deportivo (2011-now), RCD Mallorca (2007-2011), CA River Plate (1998-2007).  
Release Clause: ?
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Position: Goalkeeper

After two years on the bench GERMAN LUX became the starting keeper of Deportivo and is now trying to regain that status. He was always considered as a promising goalie, but a personal tragedy marked his life and he lost his starting spot at River Plate and also at Argentina’s national team, then he tried to bounce back at RCD Mallorca and is now trying to do the same at Deportivo, in the first two years he was shadowed by Aranzubia, when the ex-Athletic man has left the Galician team, German became the starting goalkeeper of Depor, but later that spot has been claimed by Fabricio Agosto. Now German, on the last year of his contract, is trying to regain the status with the team competing at Primera División.

 The first decade of this century was a prolific period for the goalkeepers at Argentine club CA River Plate, because the youth teams of Los Millonarios provided three goalies that have reached the first team and even the national team: Juan Pablo Carrizo, Franco Costanzo and German Lux; the latter joined River at the age of 16 and in 2001 he made his debut with the first team, just a couple of years later he gained the starting spot at this prestigious team, and immediately he reached the national team of Argentina. In 2001 he was part of the squad that conquered the FIFA U-21 World Cup. He wasn’t starter at the team as Wilfredo Caballero was the first choice, but that team gained the respect of the world as it was composed by names like Nicolas Burdisso, Javier Saviola, Maxi Rodriguez, Andrés D’Alessandro and Diego Colotto, who years later was his team-mate at Deportivo.

Lux, nicknamed Poroto -bean-, was part of the Argentine team that clinched the gold in the Summer Olympic games of Athens 2004, this time he was the starter and the interesting thing is that he didn’t allow goals in the whole tournament, one year later he was the starting choice in the Argentinean team that ended as the runners-up in the  FIFA Confederations Cup 2005. It was the climax on his career, because he also clinched three straight Torneo Clausura championships in Argentina between the years 2002 & 2004. And then a real nightmare had begun, because his brother, Sebastían Lux, committed suicide in 2006. It was a traumatic experience that marked his life and also his career, because later he was benched at River Plate after a terrible performance in a local match against Newell’s Old Boys –some people say that coach Daniel Alberto Passarella didn’t like him and that he seized the first opportunity to get rid of him-

For his lack of participation at the Argentine League, German Lux was left out of the team that competed in the FIFA 2006 World Cup, instead coach José Pekerman chose the trio composed by Roberto Abbondanzieri, Leo Franco and Oscar Ustari. Then, in 2007, Passarella told Poroto that there was no room for him at River Plate. It was a drastic change, in one year Lux passed from been a future start to become an exiled of the national team without having a club. He ended his contract with River Plate in 2007 after making 53 appearances. But a second opportunity knocked at his door as RCD Mallorca signed him ahead of the liga season 2007/08. He arrived to Spain in order to fight against recently promoted keeper Miguel Ángel Moyà for the starting spot, against all the odds the youngster of Mallorca B picked the place and Lux had to be sat on the bench. But Moyà had physical problems and the Argentine had the chance to play ten liga games during the season. In his second year, the same thing occurred: Moyà was again downed with physical problems, and Lux was promoted to starter.

At the time Lux gave an interview to Argentine paper Olé and remembered all that he went through on those years, ”Football has its moments and circumstances. We must understand that when things are good, then you have to enjoy it. If they are wrong, then we must move forward. My career was very fast at the beginning. I started at a big club and then reached the national team and... the true is that I was fine until the arrival of Passarella. When he arrived there were things that he didn’t agree and I had to leave River. It was a right move by the way. But I had, and still dealing, my own problems with the death of my brother. It hurt my career and my personal life. It is a blow from which you can’t comeback, never. Even now I'm feeling sorry. It's something that hurts a lot and I think I will carry with it all my life. But leaving River was the right move for me, Because I started to give the priority to my life, now I'm in a beautiful city [Majorca] with an impressive quality of life... Now I want to play during the season and I hope that the next one will be my liga. If not, I’ll decide what to do in the future. I will think on going elsewhere on loan. But it is clear that if I don’t earn a place on here, then in a year I'll look for another destination.”

And it seemed that the big chance for Lux was coming after Moyà was linked with a move to Valencia, but then Mallorca signed Dudu Aouate in December of 2008 after the Israeli left the club by the back door. Moyà ended leaving Mallorca in June of 2009. But nothing changed for Lux as he was still the second keeper behind Aouate. Within the following two seasons, Lux was almost exclusively restricted to play the Copa Del Rey, only having five league appearances combined. Tired of everything he left Mallorca in June of 2010 as the club went into administration, but a new chance came for him –the third on his career- as Deportivo was looking for a new goalkeeper. The interest in the Argentine goalie wasn’t known until Depor Sport published the news on the issue of July 23, later on that same day it was confirmed his signing for one year. The club also informed that Aranzubia was staying, therefore Lux arrived to Depor with the same old challenge: to prove that he deserves a role as a starter in a Spanish club, a tough task taking in mind the performance of Aranzubia at the Galician club.

The Argentine keeper was presented on July 26; he explained why he chose to sign for Deportivo, “I was anxiously searching for a team during these weeks, then I was able to close this negotiating with Depor and it is something that motivates me. I am glad and putting my grand of sand, so we can achieve the promotion as soon as possible. I am glad and hopeful. Things were fast and the agreement was possible thanks to the will of everybody I am willing to train, to meet my team mates and the coaching staff, because to work alone isn’t the same than to do it with a whole squad, especially at the goalkeeping position, which needs a special preparation.”

In the end it occured what everyone was waiting for: Aranzubia was the starting choice of new coach Oltra and Lux his “luxury” replacement. After all, the club always thought that his arrival to La Coruña was in order to bring experience in case Oltra needed a back-up for Aranzubia, and he fulfilled the job with a high note. Lux was the last player of the first team that debuted on the liga campaign after Aranzubia picked an Achilles injury on his right foot during the meeting against UD Almeria (April 28). Then the ex-Mallorca man was the starting goalie for the matches against Real Valladolid (matchday 37), CD Numancia (matchday 38) and UD Las Palmas (matchday 39); he did a great job and Depor picked seven of the nine points in dispute. The Argentine man was also the goalie for the last match visiting Villarreal B. He was also the starting choice in the four games played in Copa, though this time leaving some doubts, especially in the series against UD Levante.

But Lux seemed happy with his role of “substitute”, he said during an interview in December that he would be happy staying for an additional season, ”Right now I am in a good position, because I’m happy with my team mates, with the coaching staff and also with the club, and my only thought is to see Deportivo clinching the promotion. My contract expires in June and from there we will see what could happen. We could have arrivals and exits and things will be decided in the future, so we would talk at the right time. I’m happy and my predisposition is good, but for the moment the promotion is the only thing that matters.” Deportivo ended clinching the promotion to Primera and on June 29 the club announced that Lux was extending his contract for one additional season.