Abegondo academy

SEASON 2015/2016 

Young teams are considered as a vital part at Deportivo. The new policy of the club is to sign young promises coming from Spain and also from any part in the world. In this way Depor's coaches are able to work with them and the first team assures the possibility to have first level players for the future, all of this at an accessible price. These young promises work at Abegondo and are matched in different teams according to their age. Deportivo B (also known as Fabril) reunites the players between 19 and 23. The rest is divided in the following teams:

* Juvenil A
* Juvenil B
* Juvenil C
* Cadete A
* Cadete B
* Infantil A
* Infantil B
* Alevin A 
* Alevin B
* Benjamin A
* Benjamin B