Training 2017/18, week 42


Monday, April 16
Place: Abegondo (18h00 CET)
Comment:  Tactical session with the team training lineups. Cartabia trained with the group but didn’t’ receive the medical okay from doctors. Sidnei, Bóveda and Muntari stayed out. Juvenil a players Mujaid, Gandoy & Boedo trained with the team.

Tuesday, April 17
Comment:  Liga game Vs. Sevilla CF (19h30 CET)

Wednesday, April 18
Place: Abegondo (18h00 CET)
Comment: Tactical session with the team training the ball possession. Cartabia and Sidnei received the medical okay to play. Juvenil A players Iago Parga & Álex Boedo trained with the team.

Thursday, April 19
Place: Valdebebas, Madrid (18h00 CET)
Comment: Tactical session with the team divided in two groups. The defenders were training defensive moves, while the midfielders and strikers trained how to end the plays.

Friday, April 20
Comment: Liga game at CD Leganés (21h00 CET)

Saturday, April 21
Place: Abegondo (12h00 CET)
Recovery session for the players that were starters against Leganés. Muntari and Bóveda trained at the gym.

Sunday, April 22
Comment: Resting