Training 2019/20, week 06


Monday, September 16
Place: Abegondo (18h00 CET)
Comment: Recovery session for the starters against Sporting. The rest of the team worked offense moves. The first tem trained this afternoon at Abegondo. Peru Nolaskoain completed the session with the group. Longo completed part of the session with the squad. Somma & Borja Valle trained apart.

Tuesday, September 17
Place: Abegondo (10h30 CET)
Comment: Tactical session with the team training lineups and set-pieces. Longo skipped the session after suffering a new muscle problem. Nolaskoain, Somma and Borja Valle trained apart. Fabril’s Boian, Gandoy, Mujaid, Valín and David Sánchez trained with the first team.

Wednesday, September 18
Comment: Game Vs. CD Numancia (21h00 CET)

Thursday, September 19
Place: Abegondo (10h30 CET)
Comment: Physical session with the team completing exercises on the pitch. Before working on the lawn, the team had a video session and Anquela talked for two hours to the players. Peru Nolaskoain trained with the group. Somma, Borja Valle & Longo stayed out. Fabril's Gandoy, Mujaid, David Sánchez, Valín & Boian trained with the first team.

Friday, September 20
Place: Abegondo (10h00 CET)
Comment: -

Saturday, September 21
Comment: Game at Cádiz CF (16h00 CET)

Sunday, September 22
Comment: Resting