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Chronic Inebriety 09-04-2004 21:14

Jorge 09-04-2004 21:28

Haha no they didn't comment on that, but btw. the match 2nd Half just started....

No big tension on the field though... I expected Tottenham to come out fiing with whatever they got....

Jorge 09-04-2004 21:56

Finally Carr did the first goal for Tottenham in the 75th Minute...

Jorge 09-04-2004 21:58

Come ooon Tottenham do another one to heat up the last minutes!!!!!!

Jorge 09-04-2004 22:00

Francis Jeffers in
Mc Fadden out...

Jorge 09-04-2004 22:06

Tottenham keeps pressing and Brown just had a nice shot save by the goalie...

Jorge 09-04-2004 22:08


Gravesen goes out with standing ovations...

damn I missed who came in....

Chronic Inebriety 09-04-2004 22:09

Jorge 09-04-2004 22:11

2 Minutes overtime.... Everton tries more and more to control the game....

Jorge 09-04-2004 22:12

Aargh Tottenhams Robby Keane shot a Freekick from 20 meters to the outer side of the net...

Jorge 09-04-2004 22:13

Yellow card for Linderoth (Everton)... the match is over!

Everton did a fine first halftime and won as better team!!!

Chronic Inebriety 09-04-2004 22:18

Diego 10-04-2004 10:07

Next season Adu is coming to spain with a loan... no information about the team tho!!

Jorge 10-04-2004 16:19

Haha I just saw Milan - Empoli!!!!!

Kaka, Cafú, Inzaghi, Szevchenko, (put more Millionaires Names in here) THEY ALL CAN'T SCORE!!!! HARHARHAR!!!!!!!

So Milan just won by 1:0 through a Penalty in the 84th Minute...

I like this latest modern italian style of Losers so much!!!!!
:D :D :D :D :D

Jorge 10-04-2004 17:15

In the Zorilla is about to begin Valladolid - Barcelona!!! Lets hope Valladolid does something for Depor today and surprises us with a win!!!

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