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Rack 08-10-2011 22:27

Shot from Riki almost out of the stadium...

depooor 08-10-2011 22:28

whatn the **** brought riki in

Mihec 08-10-2011 22:29

Valeron plays very deep now.

deporiginal 08-10-2011 22:30

This is worse than the Alcorcon game. Against Alcorcon, at least we could say it might have been an one-time-thing. But we made the exact same mistakes today, without any effort whatsoever.

deporik 08-10-2011 22:31

There's definitly some movement in this ball. Saul's shot went one way then dipped and if we could only shoot on target, we might benefit with it.

Riazor warriors 08-10-2011 22:32

Jd is the last sub

deporik 08-10-2011 22:32

Dominguez will be our final sub

deporiginal 08-10-2011 22:32

Dammit!! What a chance :(

How slow was Lassad's reaction to that loose ball.

Rack 08-10-2011 22:33

Damn. Great chances there.

nitraM 08-10-2011 22:33

Juan Dominguez in WE GOT THIS I SWEAR! put one in plz

Riazor warriors 08-10-2011 22:33

how we missed that...!!

deporik 08-10-2011 22:34

That just summed everything up for me. They look like they want it much more than us and theyre winning every 50/50 ball because of it.

deporiginal 08-10-2011 22:34

And another huge miss for us. Ugh. Did seem like a corner though.

Michał 08-10-2011 22:35

I can't believe that having so much to learn for next week I keep watching Depor suffering in... Alcoyano :rolleyes:

Rack 08-10-2011 22:35

Riki repeats his earlier effort!!!

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