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caabrego 08-10-2011 20:36

Segunda | Alcoyano v Depor | Oct 08 | 22h00 (CET) | minute-by-minute

Seoane - Colotto - Aythami - Ayoze
Jesús Vázquez - Álex
Laure – Valerón - Salomão

Pina - Morcillo - Fernando Martín - Devesa
Álvaro - Miki, César Remón - Cañadas
Diego Jiménez - Choco Lozano


ggeorg 08-10-2011 20:51


caabrego 08-10-2011 20:59

The best streams:

monkeypuncher 08-10-2011 20:59

Vamos Depor!!!

Diego Tristan 08-10-2011 21:00

Laure as rigth winger wow


deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:00

I stayed home for this, so Depor better not pull another Alcorcon :) Vamos!

Mihec 08-10-2011 21:01

It's on Marca TV so the quality should be decent.

We need this 3 points!

Iztok 08-10-2011 21:01

Go, go Depor

Bebeto 27 08-10-2011 21:03

damn, was expecting to see riki as starter. Anyway, vamos Depor!!!

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:04

Holy crap. I think that ball went over the line.

Great start :rolleyes:

Mihec 08-10-2011 21:05

I can't believe Aranzubia did this...

valeron21 08-10-2011 21:05

we must keep mentality and slow down the pace

ggeorg 08-10-2011 21:05

finally we're the real madrid of segunda :D

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:06

It seems the ball went over the line like half a meter. What a terrible decision by the linesman, but good for us of course.

And 1-0 :rolleyes: incredible.

Michał 08-10-2011 21:07

C'mon guys, what's with you? I've just came and thought we were already losing looking at your posts :D

peterke2000 08-10-2011 21:07

what a great start egain 1-0

monkeypuncher 08-10-2011 21:07

Terrible 1-0

Michał 08-10-2011 21:07

Shit, we're losing really :eek:

valeron21 08-10-2011 21:08

awful ayoze...

ggeorg 08-10-2011 21:08

wow, impressive fair play by Ayoze

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:08


Originally Posted by Michał
C'mon guys, what's with you? I've just came and thought we were already losing looking at your posts :D

Well, we already managed to concede twice in the first six minutes, so there's not much reason to be optimistic ;)

peterke2000 08-10-2011 21:08

i just hope wer don´t get betten again like that last away game

Ricardo 08-10-2011 21:09

1-0 down already ... Jeez WTF .. !

Rack 08-10-2011 21:11

Cmon guys!!!

Rack 08-10-2011 21:14

Those bloody orange shirts again! :rolleyes:

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:15

I realise our players aren't used to playing on such a small field, but they have played this sport before right? Alcoyano already had an incredible amount of time and space to shoot from just outside the area three times. One of those shots ended up in goal, but was somehow, not given.


Originally Posted by Rack
Those bloody orange shirts again! :rolleyes:

In Alcorcon we were wearing the blue shirts :D The orange ones actually got us a nice victory at Barca B ;)

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:18

Was it a rainy day in Alicante, or have Alcoyano sprayed (or should I say, drained) the pitch for this game? That's not gonna make it any easier for us on this small pitch.

Ricardo 08-10-2011 21:19

That pitch is soooooooooooooooo narrow, its unbelievable !

Rack 08-10-2011 21:21


Originally Posted by deporiginal
...In Alcorcon we were wearing the blue shirts :D The orange ones actually got us a nice victory at Barca B ;)

I know Greg, but I still hate them! ;)

Deporlover 08-10-2011 21:21

Wtf..... 0-1

Rack 08-10-2011 21:22

What was that from their keeper! :eek:

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:23


Originally Posted by Rack
I know Greg, but I still hate them! ;)

Yeah i see what you mean. We look like Holland :D Well, except for all the losing ;)

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:25

I bet if Aranzubia kicks hard enough, he can score from a goal kick :D

Rack 08-10-2011 21:27

We're sooooo bad defensively, it's unreal. That shud have been 2-0 - their player kept the ball out of the net! :eek:

Ricardo 08-10-2011 21:28

Alcoyano are pressing us hard and not giving us any time on the ball ..

deporik 08-10-2011 21:29

It seems so crowded around their box, so rather than trying to pick a perfect final pass, I hope we test their keeper some more because he doesnt look comfortable with the bounce on this pitch. Surprised they havent tried some more long range shots on Dani too tbh

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:30

What dreadful defending, it's incredible. That guy just slaloms through us because none of our players is able to anticipate. They all take the bait, miss the ball, and their player is gone before they know it. They're doing things that don't even happen at U16 squads anymore.

Riazor warriors 08-10-2011 21:31

damn just start watching & we r losing...!!! go go Depor

Diego Tristan 08-10-2011 21:33

see the game and then my chair broke in two parts damn it :D

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:34

That one noisy Alcoyano fan is really starting to piss me off. I'm kind of hoping someone punches him :D

All I'm hearing is, "hey, Aranzubia, cabron! Laure, cabron! Valerooon, cabron!". Get the hell out of that stadium.

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