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Jorge 30-01-2005 16:50

30.01.2005 - Osasuna Vs. Deportivo (minute-by-minute)
Hello Friends!!!

Today our boys can prove if last weeks performance was some serious indication of our demands or just luck...

I'm sure we WILL MAKE IT AGAIN!!!



Osasuna Lineup:

Izquierdo - Cruchaga - Josetxo - Corrales
David López - Pablo García - Puñal - Moha
Webó - Morales

Osasuna substitutes:

Depor Lineup:

Héctor - Andrade
Manuel Pablo - Romero
Munitis - Valerón - Luque

Depor substitutes:
Capdevila, Scaloni, Pandiani, Fran, Victor

Ekholm 30-01-2005 16:53


Héctor centre back instead of César and Pablo Amo?? Surprising!!

QueSalsaLuque 30-01-2005 16:55

Im here again today.. What.. Hector... i dont like that idea!

freakyy 30-01-2005 16:57

Go Depor! I have faith that we will get a nice result here. Luque will kick ass!

El Rifle 30-01-2005 17:00

I would like to see amo instead of hector

Olli 30-01-2005 17:02

Go Depor go! :happy:
3-0 to Depor I predict :)

gabi 30-01-2005 17:02

Do u remember last year against Osasuna. Hector did a owngoal and he was sent off. Not a good idé to bring on Hector to this game.

El Rifle 30-01-2005 17:04

when will our tigers run out on the field

peterke2000 30-01-2005 17:06

I hope we win this game it woud be good for every thing i think if we win it will be 0-3 and al 3 goals will be from tristan :-p

simonrules201 30-01-2005 17:08

WE WILL WIN THIS GAME. (by the way if any spanish speakers want to know Donato is on Radio Coruña commentating aswell)

El Rifle 30-01-2005 17:08

whats happening jorge . havent they entred the pintch

deporik 30-01-2005 17:11

i just heard that Munua is playing with Dani Mallo on the bench. Is that right and if it is, what's up with Molina?

QueSalsaLuque 30-01-2005 17:11


Originally Posted by deporik
i just heard that Munua is playing with Dani Mallo on the bench. Is that right and if it is, what's up with Molina?

he is injuried... read the news..

peterke2000 30-01-2005 17:13

on the game is start but there you can only see if there has been scored a goal

simonrules201 30-01-2005 17:14

Osasuna is pushing they just hit the post from a header

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