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caabrego 07-12-2020 17:03

Dec-13-2020 | matchday 08 | 17h00 | Depor 1 - Celta B 2 | Match thread
Lara suspended, and Miku could be available
Game will be on TVG

haden07 09-12-2020 08:21

Ugh. Playing against the Celta kids in Seguna B. Another reminder of where we are at. ����‍♂️

Let's smash them!

abdul001 09-12-2020 21:05

I will not accept anything less 5-0 win

haden07 09-12-2020 22:12

Interesting article in La Voz de Galicia about Pampin. He was in our youth system back in the day and moved to Celta's youth system. Sounds as if he didn't think he would have had a chance to get to the first team with Deportivo? And was convinced by the Sporting Director of Celta to join them.

Another reason for us to crush them...


Riazor warriors 12-12-2020 15:56

I can't process that we'll be playing against Celta B :rolleyes: but whats worse than playing against Celta B is losing against Celta B so please don't lose home in Riazor against Celta kids!!

Rack 12-12-2020 19:03

A scrappy win will do just fine

abdul001 13-12-2020 08:09

I need 5-0 win against this kids

abdul001 13-12-2020 15:08

waiting for the game

caabrego 13-12-2020 16:29

Carlos Abad – Bóveda, Mujaid, Álex Bergantiños, Borja Granero, Salva Ruiz – Nacho González, Borges, Uche Agbo, Borja Galán –Rolan.

Bench: Lucho García, Valín, Héctor Hernández, Gandoy, Rui Costa, Beauvue & Miku

Celta B
Sequeira - Ferrarés, Lucas, Carlos Domínguez, Pampín - Markel, Holsgrove, Alfon, Bruninho - Manu Justo, Josipović.


abdul001 13-12-2020 17:02

another links please

ggeorg 13-12-2020 17:27

that goal will get in the history books :(

Marci 14 13-12-2020 17:28

omg, what a shame

Marci 14 13-12-2020 17:29

finally, the superiority is converted into a goal

ggeorg 13-12-2020 17:30

Borja Galan!!!:cool:
even though this one won't get in the history books

american123 13-12-2020 17:39

Valin > Boveda

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