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caabrego 13-01-2021 01:34

Depor coach: Rubén de la Barrera (born in 1985)

Full name: Rubén de la Barrera Fernández
Date of birth: 18 January 1985 (age 35)
Place of birth: A Coruña, Spain

Filip 13-01-2021 08:27

wow such a young age. Maybe it's what we need; it looks like he could be a motivator. Good luck.

D.TRISTAN 13-01-2021 08:50

Show us some dynamic football.

heidern 13-01-2021 09:43

It’s crazy (in a good sense) to see someone my age coach Depor.

I hope he can be a good motivator and cope with pressure because that’s the hardest part of being a Depor coach IMHO.

I was watching broadcast on YouTube this week and they mentioned he wrote something about the Gijuelo-Depor game. I couldn’t find it but it could also be that my Spanish is way worse than I think it is and I just didn’t understand well.

tonideportivoBG 13-01-2021 22:23

:confused: :D I wonder after how many seasons we will hire Fernando Vasquez again ?

Shelvin 14-01-2021 04:36


Originally Posted by tonideportivoBG
:confused: :D I wonder after how many seasons we will hire Fernando Vasquez again ?

I am assuming that will be next season when we are fighting to avoid relegation to fourth division :D

But in all honesty I am excited to see what this guy has to offer. The first coach I have been excited about since Victor left.

D.TRISTAN 15-01-2021 11:54

16/17: Cultural in Segunda B. 86 goals scored 28 goals allowed. Finished league as 1st with 86 points and promoted to Segunda.

17/18: Cultural in Segunda. 54 goals scored 67 goals allowed. Finished 19th and relegated. Same points with Almería but Cultural was worse in head to head result against Almería.

I’m excited about him. We have better squad than Cultural so let’s hope he show us some great football.

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