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caabrego 17-03-2021 02:43

Mar-28-2021 | Liga | Matchday 18 | 12h00 | Depor 2 - Zamora 0| Match thread
This game was moved to March 28, because Ferrol has two pending games. One is played on Wednesday and the other on Sunday. So, on Sunday we will know our real chances to promotion.

Héctor is the only player injured, we will see who is he next week.

abdul001 17-03-2021 07:44

we are praying for downfall of racing ferrol

MrButton 17-03-2021 12:42

Coruxooooo 1-nil!!

Mr Pink 17-03-2021 14:50

Coruxo 3 -1 Ferrol

:D :D :D :D :D

D.TRISTAN 17-03-2021 14:58

I hope Guijuelo give something more to us before the final round.

Diligent 17-03-2021 15:34


Originally Posted by Mr Pink
Coruxo 3 -1 Ferrol

:D :D :D :D :D

Fantastic news. :)

Coruxo entertain Celta B on the final match day. The hosts need points to avoid relegation, plus to add a little spice it's a local derby.

abdul001 17-03-2021 19:15

curuxo weldone
we need you again to hold celta b

D.TRISTAN 21-03-2021 17:50

0-0 at A Malata. Guijuelo played very well against Ferrol in 1st half. They were better than Ferrol after 30 min.

abdul001 21-03-2021 18:33

70min racing 1-0 guijello

american123 22-03-2021 12:11

3 Points on Sunday and need either

Celta B loss
Racing Ferrol win

Most important thing is getting the 3 pts vs Zamora. In a normal year they'd rest their starters with the playoffs secured but with the points carrying over, they need the 3 points as well. Hoping for a good performance in front of the fans at Riazor and we'll see where everything else goes.

abdul001 22-03-2021 18:07

please which combination result we need to end in top 3

Marko 22-03-2021 20:56

- Deportivo wins against Zamora

1. We will be in top 3 if Celta B doesn't win against Coruxo. And this is the easiest way for reaching the top 3.

2. If Celta B wins the game, than we will be in the top 3, only if Ferrol beats Unionistas on their pitch, which is hard to expect.

- Deportivo draw against Zamora

1. The only way we can finish in the top 3 is if Celta B lose against Coruxo, Ferrol to lose against Unionistas and Compostela to not win against Salamanca.

caabrego 28-03-2021 10:25

Lucho García – Bóveda, Mujaid, Borja Granero, Salva Ruiz – Uche Agbo, Álex Bergantiños, Villares - Keko Gontán, Miku, Rai.

Bench: Carlos Abad, Valín, Dani Barcia, Gandoy, Nacho González, Lara, Borja Galán, Rayco & Beauvue

Villanueva – Álex Ménendez, Piña, Crespo, Hernández, Hache - Vallejo, Ramos, Delmonte – Dani Hernández, Guille Perero, Romero.


Filip 28-03-2021 10:43

Hope we can do what's needed, have some luck with other results, and get back to segunda already. The joke has been running long enough now :)

caabrego 28-03-2021 10:53



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