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deporik 29-09-2015 12:24

Donations happily accepted :)
With the team going well and a good vibe running round the place, we at RCDLC.COM thought we would appeal to your generosity and hope to take advantage of all this positivity :-D

Our funds were almost gone at the start of this year but we had 5-6 people kindly make donations which definately helped us continue to keep the site active this year.

However, they won't last forever and so we would like to ask that if anyone is in a position to afford us a donation (every little bit helps), could they please do so.

No-one is obliged to donate but of course, all donations will be appreciated.

Feli said he would run naked through Maria Pita square next summer if we managed to get 200 euros in donations before the end of this calender year but we didn't think that would be much of an incentive for people to donate, so we've convinced him to only do it if we don't get 200 euros. So please people...........don't put the people of A Coruna or our forum members who mistakenly see the photos of Feli's naked body through such pain and torment.

Anyone interested in donating can private message myself or caabrego and we will give you the email address to send the donations to.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a PM

Any comments can be added in this post in the Deportivo section of the forum.

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