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Diego 26-03-2004 11:09

[Everything U know about a certain player] (:Updated:)
Ok so this is a game where the winner will have to know A LOT of a certain player. U can describe him in every ways, for example hair colour, shoe size ABSOLUTELY everything!

(example. Zidane:
partly bald, uses both legs very well...)

if u got any questions please ask!

who would like to start?:D

he who answers right will continue!
Game Updated

Score table:

- Anton: 6
- Anuroc: 1
- AP: 1
- Chronic Inebriety: 1
- Deporik: 3
- Diego: 2
- Ekholm: 4
- Feliuk: 3
- Gabi: 2
- HasanTristan: 1
- Hippykid: 19 :star:
- Ibrox: 6
- Mattias: 9
- Olli: 3
- Sugary Tea: 10 :thumbsup:
- Vinnie: 5


ALL: someone describes a player and U have to guess who he is!
there must be something said about the player's skills!
u get 1 point for a correct answer and 2 points if nobody gets
your question correct during 2 DAYS!
if no-one gets your question correct after the first day
you must give more clues during the second day!

ONE GUESS per POST, PLEASE (just to make the point counting easier!)

Game running!

Ekholm 26-03-2004 18:26

Are everyone supposed to describe the same player??

Diego 26-03-2004 18:29

No! different players! :D

freakyy 26-03-2004 19:05

quit long, looks like a famous swimmer.... has great skills, but sometimes he is to egoistic.

guess who :D

Diego 26-03-2004 19:20


Ekholm 26-03-2004 19:35

Zlatan!! :)

freakyy 26-03-2004 20:17


Originally Posted by EkholmSWE
Zlatan!! :)

correct :D you're turn

this can be nice game :)

Ekholm 26-03-2004 22:15

Okay... :)

This one cares too much about his hair, dives too much, very slow, good passes and crosses, has a Swedish wife.

Mattias 26-03-2004 22:28


Ekholm 26-03-2004 22:31


Originally Posted by Mattias

Your turn, Mattias...

Mattias 26-03-2004 22:56

The guy also cares about his hairdos, has been forced to play in a variety of positions in his career, used to score a lot more than he does now, used to be more important than now, is in a band with teammates, has had several unsuccessful high-profile marriages. Who might that be? :confused:

A.Houston 26-03-2004 23:43


Mattias 27-03-2004 07:30

Yep, that's it :). Your turn.

A.Houston 27-03-2004 08:04

Wow, I was just taking a stab in the dark! I didn't know Guti was in a band with his teammates...

Okay, I am an awesome free-kick taker, I've moved around Europe quite a bit, I'm quite tall and may be remembered unfavourably at one of my ex-clubs. Who am I?

Mattias 27-03-2004 08:17

Guti is in a band with young defender Rubén and another guy. And one of these relationships I mentioned, one was with a trassexual :D

Van Hooijdonk?

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