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ggeorg 08-10-2011 21:40


Originally Posted by deporiginal
That one noisy Alcoyano fan is really starting to piss me off. I'm kind of hoping someone punches him :D

All I'm hearing is, "hey, Aranzubia, cabron! Laure, cabron! Valerooon, cabron!". Get the hell out of that stadium.

He might watch Alcoyano for 20 season, and this is the first time he actually knows so many away players :D

Ricardo 08-10-2011 21:43

We need Saul on in the 2nd half ...

Riazor warriors 08-10-2011 21:43

sometimes we play like tercera team ....!!!

ggeorg 08-10-2011 21:44


Originally Posted by Ricardo
We need Saul on in the 2nd half ...

we need Oltra to get in the dressing room and start breaking doors and chairs....

deporik 08-10-2011 21:45

Dammit lol. I thought we scored then but it was side netting I think :o

deporiginal 08-10-2011 21:46


Originally Posted by deporik
Dammit lol. I thought we scored then but it was side netting I think :o

And for a second I thought our players were running off to celebrate. Damn camera angle :D

ggeorg 08-10-2011 21:47


Ricardo 08-10-2011 21:49

Jeeeez man .. these small teams know how to husstle.! we need to step up our game big time.

I'm hoping to see Riki and Saul on for 25-30 mins in the second half.

Iztok 08-10-2011 21:52

terrible first half, what's going on, did they forget to play football?

Riazor warriors 08-10-2011 21:53

we areterrible away again.... we can't dream of primera if we keep playing like this away

deporik 08-10-2011 21:54

A poor half from us imo. Either they have a pitch that is more narrow at one end than the other, or they are much better at using the space available than us.
The own goal was a joke. You never play a pass like that towards your own goal unless you know exactly where the keeper is.
Salomao has shown a few glimpses of promise but it's been a frustrating half so far. We really need to shoot more when we get the ball around 20-30 yards out, rather than trying to thread the ball through the eye of a needle because their keeper hasnt looked at all comfortable.

And the situation with Oltra watching from upstairs is just ridiculous and embarrassing. One game I understand because you might not have had time to sort the problem but he's been banished upstairs for weeks and it cant help us one bit.

Rack 08-10-2011 21:54

Against these type of teams on these types of pitches, it requires direct running at their defence with the ball at your feet. It also needs the urgency to do this and risk looking like a fool sometimes. The only player we have that can do this is Salomao and he looks frustrated tonight instead of knuckling down to the task. We miss Guardado to this this on the other flank and frankly, I was expecting more urgency and directness from Laure. Lassad is left too isolated against physical markers and Vasquez just isn't doing it for me. I'm not certain either if this is the type of pitch that Valeron thrives on - he also needs to find a couple of moments of magic for us in the second half. The disappointing thing for me is that we haven't really tested their keeper, apart from that long range effort that bounced off him and onto the top of the net. I'm more hopeful than confident of a comeback in the second half.

valeron21 08-10-2011 21:56

i hope to equalise the game, a draw will be a good result taking in mynd our game and the situation with the pitch

Mihec 08-10-2011 21:56

It doesn't look good. Very shaky defense. Another poor game by Jesus Vazquez, Laure needs to sit on the bench. Also, they found a way to stop Valeron.

deporik 08-10-2011 22:06

I wish we'd talk to each other arghhhhhhhhh Vasquez nearly sets up a quick counter for them

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