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scoop 20-09-2015 15:59

just now getting to see the two goals.

laure was unlucky first time marking 3 players far post on the second one. our defense was the high point first three games but lil exposed this time.

nitraM 20-09-2015 16:01

These are Gijons first 3 goals of the season.

scoop 20-09-2015 16:11

Nice double cut back from Alberto and Lucas

Mosquera isn't giving Gijon any time on the ball. Such a great start to the season he is having. Its about time we could keep Alex on the bench a bit

scoop 20-09-2015 16:16

we are starting to get a little unimaginative again maybe the boys are getting a lil desperate and rushing things a bit

deporik 20-09-2015 16:18

Great chance for Luis Alberto but couldnt find the target

nitraM 20-09-2015 16:19

i like how we have ads on the monitors for but the site has nothing except a blue page that says soon.

DeporDK 20-09-2015 16:21

Their keeper must be playing the match of his life

nitraM 20-09-2015 16:31

what a penalty

deporik 20-09-2015 16:32

2 penalty shouts in one move and all we get is a yellow card. Sporting get such a lot of luck against us over the years

Mortenlj 20-09-2015 16:35

My stream is admittedly a bit unstable, but at least the penalty call for Fajr did look like one that shoudn't have been given anyway.

kri 20-09-2015 16:35

we play too much bad passes

kri 20-09-2015 16:45


Originally Posted by DeporDK
Their keeper must be playing the match of his life

our players do him big

The DK Blanquiazul 20-09-2015 16:54

Last 25 minutes have been completely without ideas. Too many touches, attacking players way too remote and as the tiredness has kicked in, we've also become horribly imprecise. Incredibly frustrating to watch.

Mortenlj 20-09-2015 16:56

Shame; it didn't look impossible to take more from this game, but a crazy start and an ever increasing feel of pressure made it difficult.

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