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hari 13-01-2021 17:33

It is very saddening to hear that, but at the same time understandable.. especially for someone coming from a country where the number of depor fans could very well be counted on hands.. we can connect through one of the platforms mentioned above, and also would be good to get a summary about the matches and the importance news in the squad.. as always, thanks Carlos for all the efforts..

valeron21 13-01-2021 20:35

guys, have we contacted the team administration/officials and explain them the situation? Probably they can take care of the domain and the website/forum and cover the expenses?

tonideportivoBG 13-01-2021 22:21

Always admired your dedicated work on the site and forum Carlos. There are not so many people who can put such huge amount of work for the sake of Depor and us of course. I can only thank you for that.

I think if we have the desire and passion to keep this community up and alive we can do it elsewhere. Reddit, Facebook or Instagram as already it was suggested will work just fine in my opinion.

Since less and less people are visiting the forum and actively participating - including me in the past months, it makes no sense that you put this huge amount of work for the sake of 10 people. Also we have to forecast that in next 4-5 years we will be nowhere on the map and probably less and less people will get involved and come over.

So again thanks for keeping the community alive and from my side I will follow wherever we are.

Diligent 14-01-2021 14:02

Firstly, I would to thank Carlos for his dedicated work over the years on forum, but most importantly the main site which brings us all the latest news from the club.

With the emergence of social media platforms coinciding with the fortune of the club waning over the last 10 or so years, the forum has (1) been less and less active and (2) sadly this form of social media is becoming more redundant (*). With regard to our forum, it's not only ours that has suffered over the last few years, you can include's forum as well.

Technology will change in this day in age very quicker. Who knows if Facebook, Twitter will be with us in 10 years from now. Anybody remember MySpace (*).

So for now as people have suggested Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are probably the most obvious way to go. I'm open to debate over other options available to us in the coming weeks and months.

With regard, to GoDaddy and this is my personal view. They've neglected the site and haven't fixed the problems, that's been the main issue I haven't been here on a more regular basis. Looking at it from there angle, with a website containing more data in the forum which maybe old hat to support. Because of this they probably came to the decision not to fix the issues, forcing Leon's hand decision to cease funding the site.

A big thank you once again Carlos and the team you've contributed bring news about the club in an English format. I've met some great people through this site

niklaso 11-02-2021 21:32

I have been reading and posting here for almost 20 years so itís sad that it wonít continue in this form.

Iím up for following what ever platform you guys will decide to use.

This is also my only source to depor news besides my Galician friend so please find a new platform.

haden07 16-02-2021 07:34

Caabrego, I've been a long time follower of this forum, but perhaps not a long-time contributor as compared to you all. I respect all the efforts and energies you have all put in to make Deportivo accessible to as many english speaking fans as possible.

Personally, I have really thoroughly enjoyed visiting the website for my fix on Deportivo news. I think this forum and website has served us ALL well on so many occassions so it is going to be greatly missed. But as many before me have shared, times have changed and we are all gathering and getting our information in different ways.

In that sense, I think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are the most pertinent platforms for sharing news and information - and for conversations, Reddit. That is why I shared the r/deportivo thread on REDDIT for everyone. And also why I stepped up recently to be an admin on that username is SuperDepor2014...I wanted to create a place similar to this on that platform where more people could get DEPOR information. I'm happy to hear interest in that place to discuss deportivo. I've enjoyed posting information about Deportivo on REDDIT, and I would be more than happy to make you, or anyone else running, admins on the r/Deportivo channel on reddit.

DepHun 26-04-2021 18:11

1 more month

caabrego 10-05-2021 13:35

I'm posting this here and on Facebook

Leon wrote to me this morning and he is asking if you want to see the site staying alive, including the forum.

I don' tknow what exacly made him change his mind, but he made calculations and we need around $150-$200 to keep the site alive, at least one mor year. He says that if 10 people can pay $15 we can do it.

But please, before sending money write on here if you want to participate.

Blue_Nation 10-05-2021 17:00

That's fantastic news, I'd like to participate and keep this site alive

Depor-Hammer 10-05-2021 19:17

I'm happy to contribute some cash, if you can let me know the Paypal details I will forward $20

Mr Pink 11-05-2021 10:34

Very happy to contribute. Would we not be better investing in a new (secure) website?

Either way, happy to help.

D.TRISTAN 11-05-2021 13:03

I want to help. Let me know how I can do this.

hari 11-05-2021 13:28

i think it would be better to migrate to newer platforms, but if sufficient people want to keep it running, I can contribute some money..

heidern 11-05-2021 18:35


Originally Posted by hari
i think it would be better to migrate to newer platforms, but if sufficient people want to keep it running, I can contribute some money..

I think the same about a newer platform. But I am happy to participate keep the site alive!

babydepor 11-05-2021 21:41

Thank you for your efforts Carlos and to everyone who contributed, I know that i haven’t been so active in this forum but I kept using it and reading the threads whenever I had the chance for about 15 years.
but i Also prefer to move to a new Secure platform, this website is full of pop-ups and it’s so annoying. Or if we decide to keep this page alive , are we going to keep having the same issues?

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